Travel Expert Answers: Should Solo Travellers Switch Seats so a Family Can Sit Together?

A TikTok video discussing airplane etiquette has sparked a lively online conversation. The clip features a solo traveler sharing an experience of finding a mother with two children seated in the window seat designated for them. This incident has triggered a significant debate within the travel community, prompting experts to weigh in on whether a lone flyer should relocate to accommodate a family during a flight.

In an interview, travel expert Nicole Campoy Jackson offered insights into the viral TikTok clip where a solo traveler refused to give up her window seat for a family.

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Jackson acknowledged the significance of a pre-booked window seat, emphasizing its difference from a middle seat.

She advised passengers to proactively choose seats ahead of time to avoid such conflicts, cautioning against boarding with expectations of others giving up their seats.

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Highlighting the responsibility of managing seat conflicts, Jackson stressed that airlines and flight attendants bear the primary responsibility for customer service and conflict resolution.

She stated that it is no longer solely the passenger’s duty to switch seats but rather the airline staff’s responsibility to find a suitable resolution.

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Acknowledging the complexities of travel, Jackson shifted the focus to hotels, recognizing that staying in them can be a source of anxiety or frustration.

Despite this, she teased the existence of several useful hotel hacks to enhance the overall travel experience.

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