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13 Gorgeous Flight Attendants That Will Make Your Travels Around The World Worth It

A collection of the hottest flight attendants all over the world

Flight expenses and exhausting trips may have a way out. We are not offering any discounts, but we might say that the gorgeous and workaholic flight attendants are worth the trouble! They are not only brave in their job but beautiful as well!

Viral Strange has collected 19 pictures of gorgeous flight attendants all over the globe that will make your travels worth it! Also, we will “feed” you some facts about flight attendants 🙂

1. Flight attendants knew each other only for a few hours

2. Flight attendants can sleep during a flight

3. They all undergo first-aid training

4. They aren’t paid while the aircraft door is still open

5. They are trained to evacuate an aircraft within 90 seconds

6. There are backup flight attendants at the airport

7. They are trained to deliver babies on board

8. The cabin crew gets better meals than you


9. They have to abide by strict rules on their appearance

10. Flight attendants can perform hand-to-hand combat

11. They also have to go through airport security

12. They aren’t just there to serve you snacks and drinks

13. Some of them can request to go on certain trips

What’s the best place you have ever visited outside of your country? Share your flight experience with us in the comment section.

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