11 Weird Laws Around The World

Laws and bans in some countries that are strange and probably unnecessary

Before traveling, everyone should do their homework. This means that you need to start reading and being informed about everything related to the country you will visit.

Each country has its laws and regulations. However, some places have strange laws which might make you confused somehow, or even worse, give you a big fine to pay or get you in jail.

Viral Strange has gathered 11 laws and bans that are bizarre.

1. Iran: “Western” hairstyles

The Iranian government banned ponytails and mohawks hairstyles as being too “western”. They published a catalog with illustrations listing all the haircuts people could get. Shaving became illegal, the same as getting tattoos.

2. Malaysia: Yellow clothes

The Minister of the Interior in Malaysia banned people from wearing yellow clothes because the protestants wanting a fair system wore yellow T-shirts. You may pay a good fine of $1,185.

3. Greece: Computer games

In 2002, Greece banned playing computer games. The initial punishment was 3 months in jail and a $5000 fine. However, because of the EU pressure, they changed the law and allowed playing games only at home. Still, you cannot play in internet cafes.

4. France: Ketchup in school cafeterias

Wanting to promote healthy food, the French government decided that ketchup could be served at school cafeterias only once a week with French fries.

5. Canada: Walkers and scooters for children

Minister Pierre Pettigrew said: “The safety of our children always comes first. I am happy to inform you that Canada is the first country in the world to have prohibited selling walkers.

That is why, since 2004, the Canadian government has banned the manufacturing, selling, and distribution of walkers for children.

6. Sweden: Dancing outside

This might be the saddest and strangest law ever. Sweden has prohibited people from dancing in public without special permission. On the other hand, even reacting spontaneously to music in public by tapping your feet is illegal.

7. Brazil: Tanning salons

Since 2009, Brazil has prohibited using, importing, renting, and selling equipment for artificial tanning. They took this decision because of the scientific data showing that UV radiation was dangerous.

8. Italy: Slippers


In Capri, you are not allowed to wear slippers because of the sound they make while walking. On the other hand, in Liguria, another region of Italy, tourists cannot wear slippers in parks. Otherwise, they will pay a fine from $50 to $2,500.

9. Australia: Changing a lamp

In some states in Australia, people are prohibited from doing any electrical work by themselves. The law dictates that it should be done by a professional only. However, you can still change a bulb.

10. Turkmenistan: Black cars

In Turkmenistan, the white color is a symbol of happiness, and black color is believed to bring bad luck. That is why the country, since 2018, has prohibited people from owning black cars.

11. Thailand: Driving naked

People are not allowed to walk without underwear in Thailand. No one will check about the underwear, for sure. On the other hand, driving shirtless is also prohibited.

Did you know any of these bans? Have you traveled to these countries? Tell us about your experience.

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