Travel expert: How to book the cheapest flights

But according to Upgraded Points experts, the optimal day for scoring a cheap flight varies depending on the airline.

You might be underestimating the significance. As Americans gear up for their summer getaways and scout for the most enticing travel bargains, many stick to traditional methods, such as booking flights on a Tuesday, hoping to snag the best deal.


While there wasn’t a single day of the week where fares consistently dropped, there was certainly one to steer clear of, as per the experts: Saturday. This day is labeled as the “priciest” for flight bookings.


“Booking flights at the week’s end can hit the wallet hard,” the researchers cautioned. Refer to the following breakdown for specifics on the best booking days for each airline analyzed in the study.

Recent research published by the travel site reveals that Tuesday indeed offers the highest likelihood of nabbing an affordable flight—particularly if you’re flying with Hawaiian or Frontier Airlines.


The study, spanning four weeks and utilizing Google Flights, examined 44,000 one-way economy fares across ten of the busiest domestic flight routes nationwide.

The analysis encompassed American, Delta, Frontier, JetBlue, Hawaiian, Spirit, and United Airlines, excluding Southwest, which doesn’t list its fares on other websites.

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