Anakeesta Treetop Skywalk, The Longest Tree-Based Bridge in Tennessee

The longest tree-based bridge in North America

These will be the most fascinating pictures for all nature lovers out there. Let’s take a virtual walk to the longest tree-based bridge in North America!

Ankeesta Treetop Skywalk is a gem located in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Anakeesta literally means “the place of high ground” in the Cherokee language. If you love walking the grounds, this is the perfect place.


This tree-based bridge walks you through the trees at any time of the day. It is up to 50-60 feet in the air. The beautiful scenery is another bonus you get in your journey alongside the heavenly feeling.



This 16-bridge skywalk is made in a series of interconnected bridges, giving you the chance to see all the wild animals and spectacular views in your 800-long walk.



Nighttime is more magical! The whole bridge is lit with beautiful lights, creating a dreamy scenery. Imagine walking in there, feeling like a fairy.



The park offers facilities for all people of all ages. People who use wheelchairs are also welcome. On the other hand, the zip-line through the treetops is another unforgettable experience. Moreover, you can even ride the mountain roller coaster!



There are plenty of dining places where you can enjoy your food with a view! Unfortunately, you cannot bring your pet with you unless they are ADA-certified service animals.

There are two types of fees to enter the park: the general one and the annual pass. Either way, it is a spectacular experience for whoever will go there to forever remember.

What do you think about this place? Would you add it to your list of places you would visit? Tell us in the comments!

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