Curvy Woman Demands Bigger Airplane Seats: I Can’t Fit in Just One!

A social media personality is requesting larger airline seats due to discomfort, sharing a viral video highlighting the challenges she faces with her curvier figure.

Panamanian influencer Gracie Bon, aged 26, recently shared a video on Instagram addressing the challenges she faces as a plus-sized woman during flights.

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The video features her struggling to fasten her seatbelt on a plane, followed by a confident walk through the airport. Advocating for larger seats, Gracie emphasized, “Airplanes should have bigger seats,” citing her recent flight experience even in first class.

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She explained, “Today I had a flight, and even in first class, I couldn’t fit on the airplane—this is a petition for all airlines so big girls like me can fly.” Gracie urged airlines to consider accommodating passengers with larger body sizes, asserting, “Please just make them bigger.”

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While her video garnered over 81k likes, it also sparked diverse opinions. Some suggested purchasing two seats, stating, “Buy two seats instead of one; clearly, you’ve got plenty of money to afford them.” Another comment pointed fingers at potential surgeries, stating, “Whose fault is it? No one forced you to get the surgeries.”

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However, Gracie found support among her followers. One person agreed, stating, “Agreed. I definitely need a larger seat and a seatbelt that doesn’t have such a hard buckle.” Another defended her, clarifying that the only surgery she had was a tummy tuck, and her hips are naturally large.

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