Influencer Insults Cancer Survivors With the New Purse Video Gone Viral

An Italian fashion designer and digital entrepreneur gained attention after sharing a viral video where she is connected to a “handbag drip,” sparking curiosity about this unusual fashion-related trend.

Giulia Nati, 32, posted a video on Instagram with a caption stating, “I need a new wish,” showing her lying in bed with an oxygen mask and a tube connecting her arm to a Hermès handbag like an IV drip. The clip, featuring seven more Hermès purses on her bedside table, received over 17,600 likes, but some criticized it as insensitive.

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Venezuelan-born actress Carolina Marconi, a former oncology patient, found the image sad rather than humorous, expressing the harsh reality of hospital conditions. Nati responded, acknowledging Marconi’s experience, emphasizing the video’s light-hearted intent, and sharing her own family’s battles with illness.

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Despite criticism, others, including burn survivor YouTuber Týnuš Třešničková, appreciated the video’s concept and argued for a sense of humor on the internet. Disagreement arose, with some condemning Nati’s humor as offensive, particularly from individuals with personal connections to cancer.

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Nati defended her post on Instagram, pointing out the support it received from 17,000 people against 2,000 criticisms, highlighting the subjective nature of humor on social media.

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