Amber Rachdi: The Instagram Star Before & After

Discover the incredible transformation of Amber Rachdi, the Instagram sensation, in this captivating before-and-after journey.

Amber Rachdi hardly recognizes the person they once was. The pictures reveal them from a few years ago when excess weight obscured their feet with folds of fat and cellulite. With experts’ help, Amber Rachdi lost weight, and a tailored nutrition plan was crafted.

Amber Rachdi

At 23, Amber, who uses they/them pronouns, featured on TLC’s third season. With a weight exceeding 657 lbs (298kg), health issues loomed large, and Amber feared an early demise without significant changes.

Their remarkable transformation astonished fans who remembered Amber from their TLC appearance.

Amber Rachdi

Amber, once unable to walk independently, relied on Rudy’s constant support. He saw their true self when no one else did.

However, as they progressed, Rudy left. Now, Amber Rusty has undergone a remarkable transformation.

Having shed the weight, Amber maintains a healthy lifestyle and a captivating appearance.

Amber’s newfound confidence influenced the breakup with Rudy, triggering his insecurities about potential competition.

Amber Rachdi

Post-split, Amber realized they didn’t need someone who sought an overly dependent partner.

Amber Rachdi


The split stemmed from Rudy’s preference for an “overweight ruin” rather than genuine love, a realization that empowered Amber.

Amber Rachdi is resolute about maintaining her new size, proud of their journey, and resilient despite her toughest experiences.

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