My 600lb Life Star’s Battle With Flesh-Eating Bacteria

Discover the incredible journey of a My 600lb Life star fighting flesh-eating bacteria. Inspirational transformation.

My 600lb Life star, Charity Pierce, has undergone a remarkable transformation, shedding over 28 stone (400lbs). When she first featured on the TLC show, she weighed over 57 stone (almost 800lbs) and was battling flesh-eating bacteria, making her virtually unrecognizable today.

My 600lb Life
Image: TLC

At 47 years old, Charity found herself reliant on her family for even the simplest daily activities, battling depression to the point where she openly admitted she’d “rather die than live this way”.

Guided by Dr. Nowzaradan and supported by gastric bypass surgery, this TV personality embarked on an incredible journey, shedding over 400 pounds and reaching a weight of just 29 stone. During her remarkable transformation, Charity also underwent procedures to remove excess skin and had a massive 20lb tumor removed from her body.

My 600lb Life
Image: Barcroft

After her appearance on My 600lb Life, Charity continued her weight loss journey, shedding an additional eight stone (113 pounds). However, she faced a challenging moment when diagnosed with kidney cancer in March 2020.

She shared her struggle on Facebook, expressing her fear due to her mother’s history of brain cancer. She said: “I found out at Christmas time that I have kidney cancer. It devastated me [because] my mom passed away from brain cancer. The next step was to get my kidney removed as soon as possible before it had a chance to spread to other organs in my body. So on March 2 my kidney was removed.”

Image: Facebook

She underwent kidney removal on March 2 to prevent the cancer from spreading. Charity is now healing at home, hoping for a brighter future.

Charly, her daughter, later provided an update, stating that despite her mother’s challenges, she is doing well. Charity has also become a grandmother and now engages with her fans on TikTok.

In one video, she playfully mentioned “When you wanna take a shower… But you get put on baby duty,” showing her remarkable transformation after her significant weight loss.

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