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17 Unbelievable Transformations a TV Show Made People Go Through

A collection of people’s stories who lost weight and improved their health, helped by a popular reality show

The reality show “My 600-lb-life” has helped many people improve their health and make changes in their weight.

Viral Strange will list 17 stories of people who went through drastic changes in their appearance. Their journey resulted in health improvements and changed their lives forever.

1. Amber Rachdi

© TLC, © amberrachdi / instagram

Amber Rachdi is a girl who was overweight – around 660 lb. She joined the project and changed her eating habits. Amber started working out and had a gastric bypass surgery. After 6 months, along with her extra pounds, she also left her boyfriend, who didn’t care much that her weight was giving health problems.

2. Christina Phillips

© TLC, © Christina Phillips / facebook

Christina was present in many family issues and arguments. Food was her escape door. At 25, she weighed more than 660 lb which is why she had a gastric bypass surgery and keeps eating healthy food. On the other hand, doctors’ concern is that Christina may become anorexic.

3. Marla McCants

© TLC, © Marla McCants / facebook

Marla had a lot to go through after she was kidnapped by her ex-boyfriend, and she was afraid of his return to kill her. By the time he was caught, Marla had developed eating disorders. She weighed around 793 lb. When a blood clot formed, she decided it was time to improve her eating habits and go for a new regime in her life.

4. Donald Shelton

© Donald Shelton / facebook, © Donald Shelton / facebook

Donald had a 4-year journey to lose weight. During his treatment after having a gastric bypass surgery, doctors diagnosed him with Guillain—Barré syndrome, which didn’t let him do any physical exercise. He is in a wheelchair, but he is not giving up!

5. Melissa D. Morris

© TLC, © Melissa D Morris ‏/ twitter

Melissa always dreamt of having a child, but she couldn’t because of her weight. She had a gastric bypass surgery and started a strict diet alongside physical activity. She managed to get pregnant when she went from 652 lb to almost 154 lb.

6. Chuck Turner

© TLC, ©

Chuck started to develop eating disorders to cope with his wife’s murder. After he joined the project, Chuck was able to go from 692 lb to 418 lb and also help his new wife take care of their son.

7. Susan Farmer

© TLC, © Susan Farmer / facebook

Susan also had a gastric bypass surgery to get rid of those extra pounds. She changed her eating habits and started doing physical exercises. She lost more than 400 lb, and after having her skin removed, the first thing she did was buy a new pair of jeans.

8. Nikki Webster

© TLC, © Nikki Gray / facebook

Nikki didn’t have control over her eating process. At 33, she weighed 649 lb. Before having a gastric bypass surgery, she had to lose more than 45 lb by herself because Nikki would be at risk of dying during the process. After the surgery, she started a new lifestyle, fell in love, and got married.

9. Paula Jones

© Paula “Sunshine” Jones / facebook, © Paula “Sunshine” Jones / facebook

Paula had a gastric bypass surgery and also had her skin removed. She keeps following an active lifestyle and eats healthy food.

10. June McKaymee

© TLC, © JuneMccamey / facebook

After her son’s death, June was grieving by eating a lot of food and gained more than 595 lb. When she realized that this situation was life-threatening, she had a gastric bypass surgery and started dieting alongside psychotherapy.

11. Brittani Fulfer

© TLC, © Brittani Fulfer / facebook

Brittani suffered from obesity alongside her thyroid cancer and problems with her immune system. This diagnosis complicated the process of losing weight. Nonetheless, she did a great job and lost 332 lb. Brittani continues to improve her health.

12. Diana Bunch

© TLC, © Diana Bunch / facebook

Diana was sexually harassed at the age of 11. To cope with this traumatic event, she found peace in eating lots of food. At 40 years old, she weighed 335 lb and kept gaining more weight until she got 600 lb. She had surgery and some changes in her eating routine. Diana managed to reduce her weight down to 222 lb.

13. Zsalynn Whitworth

© TLC, © Zsalynn / facebook

Zsalynn divorced her husband, who didn’t support her towards a healthy lifestyle. She met a new guy, and she continues to improve her health.

14. Lupita Samano

© TLC, © Lupita Samano / facebookLupita had many relationship problems with her ex-husband. He mocked and insulted her for her weight, but he didn’t stop when she started losing weight either. She weighs 209 lb now and has a new love in her life.

15. Charity Pierce

© TLC, © TLC

Charity weighed 798 lb decided to lose some pounds for her own wedding. She also had lymphedema that causes swelling. She had an impressive change in her lifestyle and now weighs 299 lb.

16. Olivia Cruz

© TLC, © TLC

Olivia survived several surgeries to reduce her weight. She weighed 579 lb at the beginning of the project and now weighs 198 lb. Alongside her continuing improvements, she made her dream come true by becoming a chef!

17. Mayra Rosales

©, © Mayra Rosales / facebook

Mayra weighed 1100 lb – a record!
A tragedy made her change her lifestyle. Her nephew died because of a head trauma caused by Mayra’s sister. With her sister sent to prison, Mayra decided to lose weight to be able to move and take care of the children. She had some dangerous surgeries that led to losing weight, alongside new eating habits and exercises.

It is not easy to overcome an addiction like food. Sometimes, we don’t even realize how it is happening and when it needs to stop. What we want to say is that… Don’t wait until it’s too late to make the changes in your life! The perfect moment is now.

Let us know your thoughts or experiences.

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  1. My goodness I can’t imagine the burden of all that excess weight. Let this be a lesson the parents — teach your children healthy habits so they don’t suffer as adults!

    • So you have never had a weight problem and you can’t do that to kids if they’re hungry you feed them and you try to not let them eat a lot but if the hungry you going to make them go hungry I don’t think so so it’s not what you think you are not haven’t had a weight problem you need to work don’t worry about it you know mind your business stay in your lane because you don’t know what you’re talking about it’s easy for you to say but for someone that the child is gets a little overweight they grow out of it so most of them do mine did so you’re going to feed each child when they’re hungry you’re not going to tell him no and be that’s cruel and yes you do teach him to eat right healthy salads and you know good food but sometimes it don’t work that way tell him I’m not trying to be rude but you just don’t know my granddaughter she’s six she weighed 100 pounds and she made h

      • The message here, while definitely not what I would have said in this context, but being that it has been said, I would say I do have to agree with the concept that parents have a responsibility to guide healthy lifestyles while children are young in order to help their lives later.
        My son was wearing a men’s 34 waste at the age of 7 after staying with his grandparents. I never prevented him from eating if he wanted but I did not buy processed foods, gave him dessert so he wasn’t deprived but in small portions, and I cooked healthy meals. I got him in football where he could run and be active. By the next year my son was lean, strong, healthy and looked AND felt great! It IS up to parents to help children who are developing eating disorders BEFORE they get worse and limit the rest of their lives.

    • Weight doesn’t always have to do with diet or healthy Choices. There are plenty of medical conditions or medications that can make you gain a bunch of weight or make it extremely difficult to lose weight. I, myself was put on seroquel when I was 14, I blew up, it’s been 8 years since I stopped taking it, I’ve dieted and dieted. I’ve starved myself, made myself sick after meals, been on appetite suppressants when I already didn’t have much appetite. Nothing worked, I generally like health foods, so eating healthy is not an issue. I also have pcos and endometriosis which make it almost impossible to lose weight. It took me a lot of therapy to realize this wasn’t my fault, because of ignorant comments like yours. That’s very ugly of you to just assume someone can help it, or even realizes it’s happening or can do something about it, not everyone can