Deceiving Pics In The Social Media World

Social media is the new world where everyone shares their life. However, these deceiving pics show the reality after the perfect shots.

Deceiving pics are not only the ones featuring catfishing people. Instead, those pics hide many secrets that not everyone is aware of.

Social media is the new world where everyone shares their daily life. You can scroll through many luxurious travel pics, beautiful cars, the latest smartphones, gorgeous girls, and more. However, these pics usually hide something behind the perfect shot.

Viral Strange has collected 18 deceiving pics in the social media world that will open your eyes.


2. Oops!

deceiving pics

3. Just another day in advertising

4. Makeup artist highlights what Facetune really can do

© savannah098 / Reddit

5. So many skinny me tea sponsorships crammed into one photo!

6. Instagram vs. reality


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7. When all you have are gas stations, so you use your car.

8. Working from the beach today.

9. My friend is stunning and does professional modeling. Still, she does post unflattering photos to prove that you don’t have to be perfect to be beautiful and to show that everybody has flaws, even if you can’t usually tell!

deceiving pics
© elisabethmaarie / reddit

10. Just copped dem Gucci sliders

11. With my man

12. You’ve been lied to.

© Imgur

13. Took the whip out for a wash

deceiving pics
© tré ‏/ Twitter

14. I Did a photoshoot in the backyard today

15. Behind the cameras

© OMAHI – Photography / Facebook

16. My tum-tum trying to look like my bum-bum


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17. Deceiving pics…

deceiving pics
© Imgur

18. Eating that fine Asian cuisine with a hot model.

Which one was more surprising? How do you feel about the unveiling world of social media? Does it show the truth or keep hiding things? Tell us more in the comments below.

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