Influencer sells her farts in jars for $300

A social media personality has an unconventional method of earning additional income.

It’s widely acknowledged that there are some unique fetishes out there, including a surprising demand for jarred flatulence, as demonstrated by social media personality Cheng Wing Yee, also known as Kiaraakitty, who sells her farts for up to $300 per jar. While some might prefer their partners not to pass gas near them, there’s evidently a market for this unconventional product.

Instagram @kiaraakitty

Cheng’s range also includes used bath water, lingerie, stockings, and bikinis, with her bath water being the priciest item at $500. Although this business may seem niche, Cheng isn’t alone; 90 Day Fiancé star Stephanie Matto made $200,000 selling her farts before experiencing health issues related to her high-fiber diet, prompting her to transition to selling fart NFTs instead.

Despite the unusual nature of their products, both Cheng and Stephanie’s ventures highlight the surprising demand for unique and often quirky items in today’s market. Their success underscores the power of personal branding and niche marketing strategies in capturing the attention and wallets of eager consumers, even if their offerings may elicit raised eyebrows from some quarters.

Instagram @stepankamatto

However, it’s essential to recognize the potential risks involved in such unconventional business endeavors. Beyond the initial shock factor and financial gains, there are health considerations, as evidenced by Stephanie’s hospitalization. These instances serve as cautionary tales, reminding entrepreneurs and consumers alike to balance novelty with responsibility and to prioritize well-being above all else in the pursuit of profit.

Written by Telha

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