What is “Doritos theory”, that is causing couples to end their relationship

When contemplating the causes of relationship breakdowns, infidelity and incessant arguing typically spring to mind.

However, the idea of a relationship ending due to a theory centered around Doritos might not immediately come to mind when pondering reasons for breaking up with your partner.

Yet, in the year 2024, the landscape of relationship dynamics appears to be shifting, with the emergence of the Doritos theory gaining momentum on social media platforms like TikTok, amassing over half a million views.

You might be wondering how exactly cheesy snacks could influence your relationship status. Fortunately, TikTok content creators have stepped in to shed light on the significance of this theory.


According to a popular video, the essence of the theory revolves around the notion that mindlessly consuming Doritos without much satisfaction could parallel other aspects and individuals in your life.

But how does this concept translate? Providing further insight into this peculiar theory, TikTok user Celeste Aria elaborated, stating, “The idea is that only experiences that aren’t truly satisfying are maximally addictive. So imagine eating Doritos. When you eat a Dorito and finish your bite, you’re not fully satisfied. It’s not the same as eating a steak or eating really satiating food that’s high in protein, where after you bite you really feel that fullness and that warmth of satisfaction.”


She further explained that the addictive nature of eating a chip lies in the initial taste sensation, rather than in the overall satisfaction of the experience. Additionally, she suggested that this theory could be applicable to various addictive aspects of life, including social media consumption.

Expanding on this notion, she emphasized the importance of identifying and eliminating elements that fall into the “Dorito category.”

While the idea may seem unconventional, psychologist Reneé Carr acknowledges its merit, stating, “Not experiencing satiation when engaging in a particular activity or in a relationship can influence you into staying in a situation that is not truly satisfying, not healthy, and not happy.”


The theory seems to have struck a chord with TikTok users, with many expressing resonance with its principles and applying them to their own experiences.

In light of these insights, it appears that the Doritos theory offers a fresh perspective on relationships and personal fulfillment, prompting individuals to reassess their connections and prioritize genuine satisfaction and happiness.

Written by Telha

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