Science: Couples that fart together, stay together longer

Research suggests that while farting is unlikely to cause harm, shared laughter over flatulence contributes to relationship longevity, with theories proposing that humor in this context may stem from dominance, incongruity, or tension relief.

A 2020 study unveiled the presence of AP39, a chemical compound linked to hydrogen sulfide (known for its unpleasant odors), which exhibits positive effects on cells. Although scientists may not explicitly tout its benefits, it’s established that farting is unlikely to inflict harm.


Furthermore, shared laughter contributes to relationship longevity. Regardless of whether finding humor in flatulence is deemed juvenile, the reality remains that farts inherently amuse.

Explorations into the comedic aspects of flatulence have yielded intriguing findings. One study suggests that humor in this context correlates with dominance, portraying the act of letting one rip as a humorous assertion of self.


Another, rooted in incongruity theory, suggests that the amusement arises from the unexpected or inappropriate nature of such occurrences. A third theory suggests that laughter functions as a tension-relieving response to the awkwardness that ensues when others witness audible gas releases.

Written by Telha

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