Study: Goats can sense human emotions by listening to your voice

Research conducted by Prof. Alan McElligott and Dr. Marianne Mason at the University of Hong Kong indicates that goats possess the ability to recognize basic human emotions solely through voice cues.

During the experiment, goats were exposed to voice recordings conveying different emotional states. When the emotional tone changed, 75% of the goats displayed prolonged attention towards the source of the sound.


This heightened sensitivity underscores the emotional intelligence exhibited by goats and provides valuable insights into human-livestock interactions.

Understanding how animals perceive human emotions is essential for their well-being, especially given the frequent interactions between livestock and human voices in their daily environment.


Negative emotions expressed through voices, such as anger, may evoke fear in animals, while positive tones could promote a sense of calmness and foster stronger bonds between humans and animals.


This study significantly contributes to our comprehension of animal behavior, welfare, and emotional responses, underscoring the significance of considering emotional elements in the care and treatment of livestock and other animals.

Written by Telha

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