Groom leaves people shocked as he gifts bride cape made out of $17,000 in cash at wedding

The groom surprised his bride with a gift on their wedding day that has left social media users astonished.

A groom delighted his bride and their wedding guests by giving her a wonderful gift on their wedding day. A video surfaced online showing the couple getting married in the Philippines, surrounded by their loved ones.

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The video begins with the groom opening a suitcase and producing a large sheet, big enough to stretch across the room. The sheet was enormous, roughly the size of a large rug or carpet, and made entirely out of money. It was a bundle of one million Philippine pesos, approximately $17,300, laid out on the sheet.

Towards the end of the video, the groom drapes the sheet over the bride’s shoulders, fastening it in place with a pair of red ribbons attached to the front corners. By the end, the bride is wearing the cash as an enormous bridal train made entirely out of banknotes.

X / @PicturesFoIder

While it might have seemed large enough to be a carpet, it was actually a cape forming part of a Filipino wedding tradition.

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