80 guests hospitalised at wedding, 100 left throwing up after consuming 4 course meal

The wedding in Cuernavaca, Mexico, quickly turned into a nightmare as 80 guests found themselves hospitalized and many more racing to the bathroom after indulging in a four-course meal.

Aranza Rodríguez, a guest of the groom Fernando, recounted the distressing aftermath, as reported by the Daily Mail.

Rodríguez shared her ordeal with Mexican newspaper Proceso, detailing the onset of symptoms that afflicted numerous attendees. She described arriving at the venue between 8:00 PM and 9:00 PM, observing guests suffering from headaches, stomach pain, vomiting, and diarrhea.


Despite the escalating discomfort, Rodríguez proceeded with her meal around 10:00 PM, only to join the ranks of guests requiring medical attention as ambulances rushed to the scene.

The menu featured wild mushrooms with goat cheese and tomato coulis as the appetizer, and chicken breast stuffed with spinach, tarragon, and sweet potato puree as the main course. A peculiar aftertaste in the mushrooms raised suspicions of a potential source of the outbreak.


Disturbing footage circulating on social media depicted the chaos, with paramedics scrambling to assist stricken guests, some hunched over chairs, visibly unwell. The severity of the situation became apparent as multiple individuals received IV treatment in hospital beds.

An examination of the menu revealed a variety of dishes served, including sun-dried tomato cream, crispy goat cheese, and pistachio and pear dry cream. Despite differences in meals served to men and women, both genders succumbed to the illness.


Rodríguez recounted her journey to one of several hospitals, where a staggering 80 people were treated and subsequently discharged within hours. Despite the ordeal, she expressed gratitude for the support of the bride and groom, who actively assisted affected guests.

Grupo Paraíso, the catering company responsible for the food, has yet to comment. While the incident may eventually become a humorous anecdote for the bride and groom, for now, it remains a harrowing ordeal on what should have been their happiest day.

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