33 year old works as a “seat filler” at weddings

A woman who attends weddings as a seat filler shares her experience, emphasizing the friendships she’s forged and her commitment to always bringing a gift.

Joanna Smykowski, a 33-year-old attorney based in New York City, stumbled upon a unique opportunity while perusing bride-to-be Facebook groups during the planning stages of her own wedding in September 2021. A bride’s post seeking assistance to meet the minimum head count required by her wedding venue caught Joanna’s eye. Recognizing her love for weddings and the chance to celebrate love, she eagerly volunteered to fill the seats, ensuring that no spaces or meals went to waste, as explained in a Business Insider essay.

Enthusiastically supported by her then-fiancé, Joanna embarked on the adventure, traveling an hour to attend the strangers’ wedding. Embracing the formal attire dress code, she relished the opportunity to don a floor-length gown for the occasion. Upon arrival, she discovered that their entire table consisted of guests who had similarly responded to the bride’s call for help, forming an instant camaraderie despite being unfamiliar with the bride and groom.

The evening unfolded into a joyous celebration, with Joanna describing the newfound group as “fast friends,” relishing the freedom of bonding with strangers united by the spirit of love and festivity. Inspired by her experience, Joanna joined a Facebook group dedicated to connecting individuals willing to fill various roles, from bridesmaids to surrogate mothers, for brides in need of support on their big day.

Since then, Joanna has attended four more weddings, accompanied by her husband or a friend as her plus one. While they attribute their presence to knowing the bride, Joanna refrains from disclosing the unique circumstances of their initial encounter. Despite not being obligated to do so, Joanna always brings a gift for the newlyweds, emphasizing her genuine joy in celebrating love and the infectious energy of weddings.

‘If anyone asks how we know the happy couple, we always say through the bride. I leave out the part about meeting her for the very first time at her wedding,’ explained Joanna.

Looking ahead, Joanna expresses her eagerness to continue participating in weddings, drawing energy from the joyous atmosphere and the opportunity to revel in love and companionship. Her experience underscores the unexpected connections and moments of shared joy that can arise from embracing new experiences and extending kindness to others, even in the most unconventional of settings.

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