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“Hawk Tuah” viral girl is making a fortune selling hats in Tennessee

Welch is now selling merchandise branded with her catchphrase.

Industry buzz is that Hollywood has its eye on “Hawk Tuah Girl,” a curiously charismatic woman who shot to viral fame a week or so ago after evocatively advising the internet on the secret to giving good oral pleasure.

She has sold more than $65K hats 🧢 with the famous line “Hawk Tuah” signed by her after the viral video 💵
Definitely Hailey is getting the bag 💰


Sources even say that she’s been talking with UTA, arguably Tinseltown’s most powerful firm. But a rep at UTA told us that is “untrue.” Still, prepare for a book (“Great Expectorations”?), a movie (“Black Hawk … Down”?), an album (“Blame It On The Loogie” by her band, Was Snot Was?), and a live experience (The Hawk Tour?) in the near future.

The phlegm fatale — who got her onomatopoeic nickname because of her slippery suggestion but has since been identified as Hailey Welch — has already finagled her own merch deal with Tennessee company Fathead Threads. It’s selling signed, embroidered “Hawk Tuah” hats for $43.70.

The company posted a photo of Welch autographing two different types of hats, one with a leather patch and one embroidered, which are available for purchase.


Unsigned embroidered ‘Hawk Tuah’ hats are going for $32.70, while signed caps are on sale for $43.70. Hats with the leather ‘Hawk Tuah’ patch and an autograph go for $50, and unsigned versions are $40.

Chelsea Bradford, the proud friend standing next to Welch in the video, shared the merch line on Facebook. “Finally someone giving my girl commission,” she wrote.


Welch has gone into virtual hiding in a tranquil Tennessee town where she lives with her family in rural isolation.

Meanwhile, her friends and associates in the tightly-knit community 60 miles south of Nashville have created a protective wall around her as she processes her new life under the spotlight, however long that may last.

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