“Hawk Tuah” viral girl Hailey Welch trending big on PornHub

Hailey Welch, the “Hawk Tuah” girl, is trending BIG in porn — not that she’s going into it personally, but millions of horny people are now scouring the internet for videos featuring the move she so vividly described.

A rep for PornHub tells TMZ … the site now has a few million searches for the term “Hawk Tuah” and the numbers keep blowing up at a rate they rarely see.

In fact, the site is projecting the total number of “Hawk Tuah” searches to reach 4.7 million by the end of Tuesday — a sign of just how much Hailey’s catchphrase has captured the country’s attention … and imagination.


As her fame continues to grow — Hailey’s hawking merch and hitting the podcast circuit — people keep flocking to PornHub, expecting to see XXX stars perform her move. The site’s rep says Tuesday will be the biggest individual day for “Hawk Tuah” related searches … projecting they’ll top 850K.

Quite a climax, giving Super Tuesday a whole new meaning. What ya might find shocking is the term didn’t even exist on PornHub until Hailey coined it a few weeks ago!

There are more than a dozen different variations of “Hawk Tuah” searches users are pumping into the site’s search bar, with one outpacing all the others by a landslide. We’ll just say it involves the move being done to men of color.



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Now, it’s important to note … Hailey has NOT uploaded any content to the website, and the rep says they’d know because all performers must have proof of consent and verified IDs.

However, more and more uploaders are including “Hawk Tuah” in their video titles in order to capitalize on the craze. Of course, PornHub says it would be honored to help usher Hailey into the biz if she ever did want to upload her own content and monetize it.


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However, she’s made it clear she doesn’t want to only be known as the “Hawk Tuah” girl. As we reported, she’s got a whole management team working on helping her break out of that. But, it’s clear Hailey will always have a level of fame in the XXX world, if only tangentially, because that search term ain’t going away.

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