The Simpsons predicted “Hawk Tuah” girl?!

Fans of The Simpsons have discovered a moment they believe predicted the “Hawk Tuah Girl.”

If you’ve been on social media recently, you’ve likely encountered the latest viral phenomenon sweeping the internet. No, not the US presidential debate—this is about Hailey Welch, now widely known as the “Hawk Tuah Girl.

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As the clip went viral, it triggered the internet’s unwritten rule that whenever something gains traction, “The Simpsons” must have predicted it. True to form, fans have pinpointed a moment they think aligns with this viral sensation. One person wrote on X: “Did the Simpsons predict Hawk Tuah? Season 4, Episode 8, New Kid on the Block.

‘Bart falls in love after she spits on that thang… or Bart’s hand anyway.'”

Another added: “The Simpsons predicted Hawk Tuah.”

In the episode, a new character is introduced, and the story follows Bart as he falls in love with his babysitter, Laura. Unfortunately, Laura is dating Jimbo Jones, one of the bullies, much to Bart’s dismay. Bart tries to handle it by prank-calling Moe’s Tavern, leading Moe to threaten Jimbo with a “rusty and dull” knife, prompting Laura to break up with him.


But what about the “hawk tuah” reference?

This occurs when Laura plays a prank on Bart while they’re sitting outside the family home. She pretends to read his palm, telling him he’s destined to be rich, with a tennis court, a big mansion, and a swimming pool—at which point she spits on Bart’s hand.


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