“I Saved $15,600 on Groceries by Going on Six Dates a Week!”

Men pay for her food so she doesn’t need to spend money on groceries.

Vivian Tu, a former Wall Street trader and social media influencer known as @YourRichBFF, sparked controversy by revealing her unconventional money-saving strategy in 2021. She claimed to have gone on six dates a week for two years to avoid buying groceries, estimating a total saving of around $15,600.

Addressing the viral video, Vivian clarified to Elite Daily that the content was somewhat exaggerated. While she didn’t initially start dating for free meals, she admitted to enjoying the perks of receiving complimentary dinners from her dates over time.

Initially seeking genuine connections, Vivian noticed a positive impact on her weekly spending. By going on numerous dates, she calculated saving between $50 to $100 per week, ultimately accumulating to thousands of dollars. This surplus income allowed her to allocate funds to savings, investments, and even indulge in luxury items like a black Prada bag.

Despite her unorthodox approach, Vivian cautioned against using romance solely as a money-saving strategy, emphasizing that there are more strategic ways to manage finances. Working as a strategy sales partner at a tech company, she advised against potential negative consequences like accumulating bad karma.

Reflecting on the experience, Vivian shared that the downside was enduring a few unpleasant dates, including one where a man spent 90 minutes boasting about his wealth only to split the bill with her. In conclusion, she acknowledged the importance of finding more ethical ways to save money.

Written by Telha

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