Brazilian OF Model Gets Kicked Out of a Supermarket

Brazilian OF model kicked out of supermarket due to ‘Hot Woman Phobia.’ Read on for the story behind this unfortunate incident.

A Brazilian OF model claims she’s a victim of ‘hot woman phobia’ after getting kicked out of a supermarket for her revealing outfit.

When Kerolay Chaves, a 21-year-old social media influencer from Belo Horizonte, Brazil, went to a local supermarket to purchase her groceries, the staff called her out.

The Brazilian OF model was shopping in the supermarket.

While shopping in the biscuit aisle of the supermarket, the OnlyFans content creator, who boasts of being the platform’s last virgin, was wearing a see-through white crop top without a bra, along with high-waisted denim shorts that had revealing cutouts at the back.


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The influencer claimed that she was simply walking through the store when other customers began giving her hostile looks and hurling aggressive insults due to her revealing attire.

The Brazilian OF model shared with her 75.3K followers on Instagram: “I just came from the supermarket and was bullied for wearing ‘too short clothes.’”

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“Some people looked with prejudice, others cursed me, and finally, I was kicked out of the site. Do you believe it? I think it’s absurd that we women are still treated this way just because we dress how we want,” she added.

According to her, the supermarket staff expelled her for showing “too much skin,” which they deemed inappropriate for the store.

“Truth is, we go through it because we’re too hot, that’s all!” she wrote.

Chaves posted photos from her shopping trip to the store where she was expelled.

kerolaychavesreal / Instagram

Her post received thousands of comments on Instagram, with most people concurring that her attire was unsuitable for a supermarket visit.

“I am woman, athlete, Personal, HOT… i wear shorts, post bikini pics… but everything has its place. My right ends where the next begins, there is no only me in society. Doesn’t represent me in anything….” someone wrote.

“No need to go to a supermarket dressed like that,” a second said.


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“Sense came running after you,” another commented.

“Is this how you enter the forum? Hospital?” asked someone.

“Here comes the doll! THIS SITUATION IS PREDICTED The girl wanted attention to play victim. Ridiculous!” added another.

“You are embarrassing the decent people who are often there with children,” someone said.

“I guess the same way a shirtless man would get kicked out of the spot happened to you,” said another one.

The Brazilian OF model claims she faces a “hot woman phobia.”


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Contrary to her followers’ criticism of her clothing as indecent for a public place like a supermarket where families with children visit, the model expressed her disagreement and stated to NudePR: “I felt offended by the gratuitous hate I received both in the market and in my Instagram post. I think all these insults have more to do with the “hot woman phobia” I face on a daily basis.”

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  1. Also anyone man or women that feel the need to extremely express themselves want nothing but attention, so dont be mad you got the results you wanted dont cry us a river for the comments you call insults. Dont conplain about being insulted and expect ppl to feel they owe you an apology, if your confident so be on and wave and move. But no your disturbed of ppls comments and completely forgot and didnt even think for a moment that you would be insulting others…. im so over women speaking for other women in similar careers, your definition of hot is not my definition of hot…. keep you things to only fans or the beach or your bedroom. Noones shopping for half naked women at the store, stop trying to be a temptress stop seeking attention, look out i might get accused of being insecure 🤔 just because im more conservative 😆 seriously delusional people will go the lengths man

  2. Brazillian behaviour 😆 seriously its just disrespectful and your walking around ahowing littlw girls how they could potentially jeopardise thier innocent selves your allowing little girls minds to wonder away from respecting themselves and having conservative mindset so they are not preyed upon by paedophiles ppl like you attract young girls because your gorgeous but you fail to teach our little girls that society is uncontrollable and paedophilia exists preying kidnappers exist rapists exist abusers exist and this form of attire in a family orientated setting is inappropriate end of story. You big headed vain wlmen like this need not take this attire to family areas because we dont need our baby girls thinking its trendy to show thier asses and thier vaginas and thier nipples as they grow into teens so that preying malicious men can harass out girls.. its attention seeking always.