Adult Film Star Releases AI Self for Fan Dating

Adult film star creates AI replica for fan dating, offering a unique virtual experience. Read more about it here.

Adult film star Kaitlyn Siragusa, widely recognized as Amouranth, is a prominent figure in the adult film industry, OnlyFans modeling, and online entertainment.

Renowned for her ASMR Twitch live streams, she has gained a reputation for posting explicit content. Exciting news reveals that she is now introducing an AI replica of herself, enabling intimate one-on-one interactions with her devoted fanbase.

Kaitlyn has dubbed her creation ‘AI Amouranth,’ aimed at fulfilling the desires of her fans and followers through personalized responses.


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“With AI Amouranth, fans will receive instant voice responses to any burning question they may have. Whether it’s a fleeting curiosity or a profound desire, Amouranth’s AI counterpart will be right there to provide assistance,” was stated in the press release.

She expresses excitement for the launch of her creation, anticipating a delightful experience for her fans.


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A post shared by Amouranth (@amouranthoffical)

“I thrive on taking risks and pushing boundaries. Above all, I prioritize being there for my incredible audience. AI Amouranth is designed to satisfy the needs of every fan, ensuring an unforgettable and all-encompassing experience,” she told Dexerto.

The adult film star, a top female Twitch streamer, garnered mixed reactions from her fans following the announcement, reflecting a clear divide of opinions.

“Imagine being so incredibly down bad you not only want to pay to chat with someone, but pay to chat with a fucking ai version of that person… smh my headeded some dudes need to get their shit together man,” wrote someone on Twitter.

“The money spent on this the person could use to improve themselves and attract better. But hey.. to each their own,” said another.

“Anyone who pays for this should be added to a government watchlist,” added a third one.

“LOL this can’t be good for society,” wrote another.

“It’s only a matter of time before AI will replace actual human connection. Tech is slowly being governed by the elites and soon, they’ll use that tech to form artificial relationships for us. I just hope I’m not next. Very sad, fellas,” another said.

“Hmmm yes let’s take the parasocial mess that are twitch viewers and make it worse to the point that we sell them a literal fake girlfriend based on their favourite streamer How could that ever go wrong,” wrote another one.

What are your thoughts on the intriguing concept of an AI version of the adult film star for fan dating?

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