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If You Are Single This Valentine’s Day, read this

To someone single this Valentine’s Day,

It is okay if you are single this Valentine’s Day. It is okay if you will be treating it like any other day. It does not make you anything less if you want to be alone on that day. You do not have to force any relationship for you to have a partner on that day.

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Who says that it is only for lovers? You can celebrate it the way you want to. The most important thing is you are happy inside being single. You do not have to look for someone because love happens when your heart and mind are ready for everything.

You do not have to feel bad about yourself because there is nothing wrong with you. There is nothing wrong with being single on that day. You have to embrace that everything has its perfect timing. You do not have to feel jealous of people who are happy with their relationship because they deserve that.

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You have to look at things from a different perspective. Think about the freedom that you have on that day. You are free to go where you want to. You are free to do whatever you want to. The only thing that you have to do on that day is to love yourself even more.

You have to quit seeking validation from anyone because you are more than good enough. If people do not see your worth, that is not your problem anymore. You can’t stop people from making you feel less, but you have the responsibility to look for your welfare first.

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You have to remember that taking care of yourself is a must. Self-care is essential for you to bring out the best version of yourself. You can’t give genuine love if you are faking everything. You have to stop blaming yourself for the past relationships that you had that did not work out.

Quit living in the shadow of regrets because it will forever haunt you. That day may remind you of all the good things he did in the past, but you have to move forward now. You have to start a new chapter because you should not live in the past anymore.

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Give yourself a tap in the back because you made your way out. That day may remind you of him, but that is okay. Memories of him will always be there, but soon they will not matter to you anymore. Also, you don’t have to pressure yourself to be in a relationship again.

See what happened when you rush your feelings? You ended up with the wrong person who did not care for you. Be wiser this time around and do not settle for anything temporary and anything less because you deserve nothing but a guy who sees the sadness in your smiling eyes.

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You do not have to go back to that person because it is not worth it. It is not worth going back to that person who only made you feel like you are nothing but mediocre. You do not deserve a guy who makes you think that you are always losing in life. You do not have to be with someone inconsistent with his feelings for you.

Remember that it is better to be single than to settle for something that is not worth it. You will only waste so much of your time, and it will not last in the end. It is a cycle of trying to know each other, but it will not work out. Isn’t it tiring? Giving a big part of yourself to someone who does not truly love you is a loss on your part.

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Remember that a love that is worth fighting stays until the end. There will be people who will try to break you apart, but they will not succeed. That kind of love is so strong that nothing can break it because you are both ready and mature for whatever comes in your way.

Remember that being single does not mean that you are lonely walking this world. People do not know that being single is one of the best things ever in this world. There is no need for you to rush anything because there is still so much in store for you.

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For now, learn from the harsh experiences you had. Do reflect on yourself because that is how you will get to know yourself even more. Ask yourself about the things that could make yourself even better than before. You have to focus on trying to develop yourself.

Focus on choosing yourself every day. Focus on being with the right people. Only choose to be with people who have the utmost respect and genuine intentions for you. You have to be with people who do not reek of jealousy and hatred. You have to be people who are also open to change, like yourself.

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Do not be tired of waiting for the right love because it happens when everything is okay. It will happen in your life when you are ready to make sacrifices, to make an effort, and to compromise. Please be fair to yourself. You have to love yourself for now.

You have to stop having regrets because it will not make you grow beautifully. Release the anger, pain, and hatred because they will only make you feel rotten inside. You have to take in the things that will make you stronger in your journey.

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You have to stop overthinking about why you are single because you are a blessing to someone. You are someone’s sunshine and rainbow. You are great for who you are despite the traces of imperfections that you have. Not everyone will understand you, but that is okay. Embrace those who want to be with you and forget about those who ignore you for no apparent reasons.

Someday, on that same date, you will get pampered by that person who genuinely loves you. Glad you did not give up on love.

Written by Dalip Celbeqiri

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