Internet Cheers Mom’s Response to Daughter’s Fat-Shaming

A mother’s empowering response to her daughter’s fat-shaming after swimming goes viral, earning cheers from the internet.

Internet personality Allison Kimmey, with over 237K Instagram and 276K TikTok followers, promotes body positivity and self-esteem. Kimmey began dieting and exercising at 14 and struggled with skipping meals and avoiding carbs and fats.

Although Allison maintained a size two to four during her academic life, she found that lifestyle was unsuitable and didn’t bring her happiness.

At 27 years old, Allison reached a size eight and realized that being healthy was more important than being skinny. Instead of struggling with various diets, she chose to embrace herself for who she was.

She created an Instagram account to inspire herself and others to stop harmful dieting and the fear of weight gain by sharing selfies and photos.

Allison, a mother of two, was the subject of her daughter’s hurtful comment about her weight during a 2017 swimming trip. Rather than becoming defensive, this influencer took the opportunity to teach her daughter a valuable lesson.

Her Instagram followers cheered her on as she shared the story, eliciting a positive response.

Allison’s daughter lashed out at her during a family trip to the pool, hurling insults about her weight.

Allison later wrote about the incident on the Internet, recounting the details. She wrote: “My daughter called me fat today. She was upset. I made them get out of the pool, and she told her brother that mama is fat. I told her to meet me upstairs so we could chat.”

“What did you say about me?” she asked her daughter. The kid replied: “I said you were fat, mama, I’m sorry.”

“Let’s talk about it. The truth is, I am not fat. No one IS fat. It’s not something you can BE. But I do HAVE fat. We ALL have fat. It protects our muscles and our bones and keeps our bodies going by providing us energy. Do you have fat?” she asked.

“Yes! I have some here on my tummy,” the daughter answered.

Allison said, “That’s right! So do I and so does your brother!”

“I don’t have any fat, I’m the skinniest, I just have muscles,” said her son.

“Actually everyone, every single person in the world has fat. But each of us has different amounts,” Allison told her children.

Allison responded to her little boy’s comment about her having more muscles and body fat than him.

She said: “Yes, that’s true. Some people have a lot, and others don’t have very much. But that doesn’t mean that one person is better than the other, do you both understand? So can you repeat what I said?” said the mother.

“Yes! I shouldn’t say someone is fat because you can’t be just fat, but everyone HAS fat and it’s okay to have different fat,” they said.

Allison’s viral post earned her praise from commenters who applauded her positive and clever handling of the situation.

What do you think of this mom’s response to her daughter’s fat-shaming? Do you think sharing these situations on the Internet is good for educating other people, too? Let u know in the comments.

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