Makeup Transformations That Emphasize Their Beauty

Makeup transformations are a magic trick! However, most of the time, they only emphasize people’s beauty, and this collection is proof.

Makeup transformations are a magic trick! Not only it can alter your look but gives you a boost of self-confidence. However, most of the time, makeup only emphasizes people’s beauty, and this collection is proof.

We at Viral Strange strongly believe that people are beautiful with and without makeup! We have collected 20 pics of makeup transformations that only emphasized these people’s beauty!

1. Makeup always looks the best when you have nowhere to go.

makeup transformations
© Sparkyyy / Reddit

2. Before and after of me doing my mom’s makeup!

© TheWhitestBrown / Reddit

3. I’m a hairstylist and wear a full face of makeup to work every day

makeup transformations
© lampsu / Reddit

4. Natural vs. everyday makeup on! I like it in bold.

© Unicornglitteryblood / Reddit

5. Looking for some unbiased CC, do I need to be more conservative with my mascara? I’ve done them like this for years bc of body dysmorphia but wanna know if it looks silly.

makeup transformations
© stormy** / Reddit

6. Thanksgiving Day Makeup

© juanmonmaria / Reddit

7. As a genderfluid individual, how is my makeup game?

makeup transformations
© JenOrJake / Reddit

8. Christmas transformation for the holiday season!

© BrandoLeeB / Reddit

9. My before/after makeup.

makeup transformations
© *** / Reddit

10. Makeup — Before & After!

© juanmonmaria / Reddit

11. Little transformation for a first-time makeup wearer on her wedding day!

makeup transformations
© 2brokegirls2 / Reddit

12. Before and after – minimal makeup

© sadperson123456 / Reddit

13. Before and after pansexual pride flag makeup!

makeup transformations
© chinghiskhan / Reddit

14. Everyday makeup before and after!

© isacookiep / Reddit

15. My “everyday” look. Please excuse the powder on my shirt, lol.

makeup transformations
© xHoneySti** / Reddit

16. I did my mum’s makeup!

© oheyitsdee / Reddit

17. “Beginner”

makeup transformations
© Gojiquats / Reddit

18. Before and after!

© unknown / Reddit

19. Natural looks

makeup transformations
© pnutbutterkellytime / Reddit

20. Natural look for work

© bojevic / Reddit

Do you like makeup? Do you fancy the natural or the glam one? Tell us more in the comments below.

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