Quran broke down in a video as he shared a worrying update about his first child with Cheryl

Cheryl McCain’s husband, Quran, broke down in a video while giving an update about their baby.

Earlier this year, grandmother Cheryl McCain and her 26-year-old husband, Quran, were delighted to share their plans to start a family. Cheryl, 63, with 18 grandchildren, gained significant social media attention due to her relationship with Quran.

In April 2021, at 23 years old, Quran confessed his feelings after weeks of spending time together, and they began dating. The couple married in September of that year and created joint online accounts to document their lives together, facing significant criticism online.

In May of this year, they announced they had found a surrogate and were expecting a baby, drawing a mixed reaction from people on TikTok.

However, in a recent video, Quran broke down in tears and told followers he had been “going through hell.”


He said: “I don’t know how to feel, for the last two weeks I’ve been going through hell. Like, literal hell. All I want is a f***ing family and a healthy baby. It started on Father’s Day, woke up to a text at six in the morning saying ‘I don’t wanna do this anymore.’”

“I’m stressed, I’m tired. Life has been whopping my a**. I’ve been there for this surrogate for the whole nine yards and I’m battling things that I can’t even battle myself alone.”

Quran also explained that the surrogate’s mother has come into the picture and claimed the couple are doing it all for ‘likes and views.’


In a follow-up video, the pair claimed that the surrogate has since contacted them and told them she is keeping the baby, though they didn’t know much more than that. Because of this, Quran said they’d “have to delay the gender reveal,” but that they were still “going through this surrogacy journey together.”

“It’s in God’s hands, if he wants to deliver us a healthy baby then it’ll come healthy,” he said.

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