This brother Traded His Education For His Sister To Graduate

This brother is as selfless as he can be. He gave up his education for his sister to graduate. The story is truly inspirational!

This brother is as selfless as he can be. He gave up his education for his sister to graduate. He sacrificed his career for his sister’s future. However, it was not worthless.

He traded his education for his sister’s.

this brother
© Ying Chanita / Facebook, © Ying Chanita / Facebook

Chanita is a 27-year-old Thai girl that uploaded her graduation pics on social media and became viral. The story behind her graduation will make your tears pour like waterfalls.

She just graduated from Rajabhat University in the southern Thai province of Nakhon Sri Thammarat. However, despite her efforts in university, it was already thought about her graduation day in 2018.

© Ying Chanita / Facebook

Reports say that her graduation was postponed for many reasons, mostly financial. Her family has a low-income status, but they are respectable. Education is a privilege in a family that sacrificed everything for her to graduate.

Her family struggled a lot to fund both of its children’s studies. However, her brother made a big decision thinking about his sister’s future.

this brother
© Ying Chanita / Facebook

He dropped out of school to give his sister the possibility to seek a good education. Chanita did not know what he did for her until later in life. After she finished her studies, her mother informed her about her brother’s sacrifice.

She bows down to her brother in gratitude.

© Ying Chanita / Facebook

It can be difficult to express gratitude to someone that has made such an enormous sacrifice. Nevertheless, simple but significant gestures can speak more powerfully than other words.

this brother
© Ying Chanita / Facebook

In this viral video, Chanita lent her brother her cap and gown for graduation. Chanita chose to show her gratitude toward her brother with a very significant gesture. It is a traditional manner in Thai culture. She bowed down to her brother as a sign of utmost respect for his doing.

Her brother returned her gesture with an affectionate caress on the top of her head.

This brother and his sacrifice touched everyone’s hearts.

© Ying Chanita / Facebook

This is truly an inspirational story. Family always comes first, and this brother showed what any other family member that loves his family would have done.

Chanita posted the video with the caption: “Thank you to this fellow who sacrificed everything for his sister.”

Your family will always have your back. Show your gratitude daily.

How is your relationship with your sibling? What is a sacrifice you have done for each other? Tell us more in the comments below.

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