8 Common Phrases Girls Say and What They Actually Mean

Girls can be confusing sometimes. When they tell you something, do not take it literally because they could actually mean something different.

Viral Strange presents the 8 common phrases they say and what they actually mean:

1. “I’m okay”.

The truth is, because you make her feel that you do not care, she would tend to hide her feelings. She is not okay deep inside, but she has to keep going. Most definitely, she is mad, upset and angry with you.

2. “It is fine”.

She’s basically telling you that she is not fine. You might have failed to acknowledge how she feels. She does not want to tell you because you might be mad with her for making it a big deal. Be sensitive. Note the sudden shift of the tone of her voice.

3. “Go ahead”.

She does not want you to go, but because you are very persistent, she can’t do anything about it. She does not want to stop you because you will not listen with her anyway. She is not  giving you the go signal to do it.  But if you still did it anyway, you would not like it when she unleashes her inner devil.

4. “Stop calling and texting me”.

She basically does not want you to stop pursuing her. She needs you, but there are times that she is getting trust issues with you. She actually feels bad for feeling that way because she loves you.  Most of the time, she is just testing your patience.

5. ” Stop chasing me”.

What she actually wants is to not give up on her. She actually needs you. She still wants the relationship to grow, but there are times that you are making her feel that she does not matter at all.

6. “I’m so over you”.

Actually, she’s just faking it. The truth is, she isn’t over you. She still wants you to be a part of her life. She misses the moments you had together. She misses everything about you, but she can’t do anything about it anymore because you took her for granted and wasted a couple of chances.

8. “I don’t like you anymore”.

The truth is, she wants your attention. You have to make some effort to win her heart back. You have to make her feel that she still matters in your life. She is not being dramatic. She just wants you to know that she has been through a lot and she can’t afford to have another broken heart.

Girls are indeed hard to love. They have unpredictable mood swings. There are days that you can’t seem to understand what they really want. But if you love someone, you will really exert everything that you have. Extend your patience. Be man enough to deal with her.

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Written by Dalip Celbeqiri

CEO & Founder of @diysimple Video Agency
Co-Founder @financial_ship Outsourced Accounting Firm
Author/Creator/Social Media & Marketing Expert

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