Young Woman Dies in Hotel Due to Fatal Bathroom Mistake

Tragic accident: A young woman loses her life in a hotel due to a fatal bathroom mistake. Learn more about this shocking incident.

A young woman, beautiful and vibrant, was discovered deceased in her hotel room following a few hours of travel for a night out with friends. Initially, three men were questioned, yet investigators swiftly deemed her tragic demise an “accident,” attributing it to a fatal mistake in the bathroom.

Chloe Haynes, a stunning 21-year-old, was discovered lifeless in her Adelphi Hotel room after journeying from Hafan y Mor Haven Holiday Park in Pwllheli, North Wales, where she was employed. Her purpose? A night of revelry with friends. Inebriated, the young woman retired to her shared room with a coworker to sleep off the effects. Tragically, her friend would later return to a scene of horror.


“Chloe left Pwllheli around 7:40 pm and they went to the Adelphi, there was some sort of engagement party or something. By midnight, she had been drinking shots and so on and she was a bit drunk, so her friend has taken her back to the hotel to sleep it off, and then he’s gone back out,” recounted Nicola Williams, 49, Chloe’s mother, in dismay.

Chloe Haynes, described as “kind and caring,” lay lifeless beneath a heavy piece of furniture, her cherished life abruptly ended. Despite a friend’s urgent cry for help, two men rushed to assist, but the fatal weight of the wardrobe had already taken its toll. Tragically, the young woman, beloved sister, and friend had met her demise beneath its crushing weight.

Initially questioned by authorities, Chloe’s friend and the two men who aided in lifting the wardrobe and administering CPR were later cleared of any suspicion. Merseyside Police, after investigating, concluded Chloe’s passing as “accidental,” as reported by the Liverpool Echo. It appears her untimely death stemmed from a tragic error, likely made amidst confusion during a moment of intoxication, while possibly attempting to navigate to the bathroom.


The young woman, confused and disoriented, got out of bed and mistakenly opened the wardrobe door, thinking it was the bathroom or the exit, recalled her grieving mother. “It was a big, old, heavy wardrobe, and it’s fallen on her and crushed her windpipe,” Nicola added, explaining that her daughter likely made this fatal error in the early morning hours.

“She loved animals, she had a little dog called Archie she was obsessed with. There are so many photos of them together,” Nicola said, speaking about her loss. “My little nickname for her was Birdy. She was so petite, and when she ate she was like a little bird. She was quiet, she was somebody who didn’t speak unless it needed saying, but in the last 12 months, she was coming out of her shell, she was gaining her confidence and she had a wide circle of friends.”

Young Woman

Nicola explained that Chloe had struggled with self-confidence and didn’t realize how beautiful she was: “She was kind and caring and she seemed to connect with gay men, and that was how she met the friend she went to Liverpool with. She was beautiful, but she had struggled with confidence about herself so she didn’t know how beautiful she was and that made her beautiful on the inside as well. She was very kind.”

According to Nicola, her daughter was “living her best life” and enjoyed her job waitressing in the holiday park, which also provided her accommodation. Chloe had plans for her future. “She was planning to do her driving lessons and she had saved up a little bit of money for that, and she wanted to go abroad on holiday with her friends. She was just doing all the things that any 21-year-old would do,” the mom said.


The young woman was laid to rest at Pentrebychan Crematorium, on the outskirts of Wrexham. A notice published by Roberts Bros Funeral Directors described her as a “cherished daughter, sister, granddaughter, and friend,” emphasizing that she is “much loved and will always be remembered.” Hopefully, her memory will serve as a reminder, shedding light on the consequences of untimely deaths and providing a cautionary tale for others.

In a world where drinking often symbolizes innocent fun, Chloe Haynes’s story serves as a sobering reminder of the dangers lurking behind excessive alcohol consumption. It underscores the reality that terrible consequences can unfold when individuals become incapacitated by alcohol. Had Chloe’s friend chosen to stay with her instead of leaving her alone, perhaps she would still be alive today. This tragedy highlights that beyond the peril of drunk driving, excessive drinking poses numerous other risks, leading to the loss of innocent lives.

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