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16 Photo Backgrounds That Are Hilarious

A collection of photos that need a focus on their background rather than the foreground

I, for starters, make sure that there is a clean background while I take pictures of myself. I don’t like messy things. I mean… Who would like a guy with his finger up to his nose behind your beautiful pose? Lol.

However, sometimes the cool part of a picture lies in the background. Some random (or not) photos surprise us and turn into a fun event.

Viral Strange has collected 16 photos featuring funny things happening in the background. Enjoy…

1. The look on this pilot’s face as his passenger decides to jump, and throw her arms into the air for a pic, while under the spinning chopper blades…

© Proof70 / Reddit

2. Priority.

© 9GAG / Twitter

3. Shoutout to the guys who timed their jump perfectly

© katebertelson_ / Twitter

4. Indognito

© dumfok / Reddit

5. Hmmm…

© Palifaith / Reddit

6. Oh…

© Pilcrew / Reddit

7. Took our first ever trip to Disneyworld. Got photobombed

© QuiGonnHank / Reddit

8. You can’t take any good pics without your best friend photobombing

© IamRiston / Twitter

9. Photobombed by the couple behind my Father and I

© drobcra / Reddit

10. We got photobombed by an alpaca

© Slamhain / Reddit

11. Best unplanned picture I have ever taken.

© mrsyelslab / Reddit

12. Photobomb of the year.

© SirCookieLord_ / Reddit

13. Have you ever felt like a piglet?

© laurennmun / Twitter

14. When you see it…

© alexerhorn / Reddit

15. LOL

© unknown_name / Reddit

16. I got married last week. My favorite picture from the night got photobombed by my buddy

© muzungu616 / Reddit

Do you recall any funny situation happening in the background of your photos? Tell us in the comments.


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