20+ Hilarious Photos That Hide Some Interesting Backgrounds

A collection of random photos with a funny background

We can find numerous funny stuff happening in the background of a photo. Sometimes, the background of a photo MAKES the whole picture!

However, you need to have a second look to get what is going on there…

Viral Strange has collected 26 funny photos with a hilarious background. Let’s see…

1. My son has conquered the photobomb

© WatermelonPOWAH / Reddit

2. Again, traffic jams and gas prices have risen…

© Krumma / pikabu

3. John Sina mode ON

© ReubenRubenc21 / Twitter

4. Best unplanned picture I’ve ever taken.

© mrsyelslab / Reddit

5. This is how faithful I need my man to act.

© vibeswithbabe / Twitter

6. Lifeguard

© 7oh7_ / Twitter

7. Clown photobomb

© verguy / imgur

8. Timmy always had his own agenda

© tryistarz / Imgur

9. Photobomb Level: Bartender

© UneasyPerson / Reddit

10. My family took our Christmas photo today.

© fiveeightthirteen / Reddit

11. The background activity is clearly better than any photobombs

© LingLingEst / Imgur

12. We all have a friend like this

© Mandermania / Imgur

13. I got the perfect picture of my Louie, but then I saw the background.

© sinfolaw / Reddit

14. Photobomb your mom

© Stinkybutt123 / Imgur

15. He’s right behind me, isn’t he?

© unknown author / Imgur

16. Right place, right time

© denissnb / Reddit

17. I couldn’t help it.

© Duderina / Reddit

18. Photobomb level: Sexy

© andruha1123 / Imgur

19. That cat…

© unknown author / Imgur

20. Kid in the back’s face sums up a couple of posers

© unknown author / Imgur

21. Photobomb Level 8

© Neckrolls4life / Imgur

22. When a horse photobombs you

© jman2k15 / Imgur

23. Flipping through my pictures from Uganda, I found the best Photobomb!

© nickal01 / Imgur

24. …

© CrunchyToast19 / Imgur

25. I took a selfie in front of Cinderella’s Castle, but this girl did not approve…

© Gurnetlight / Imgur

26. Went to take a picture of my girlfriend at brunch when suddenly…

© FatKeystone / Imgur

Which one was the funniest? Tell us in the comments.


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