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23 Pictures To Make Your Day Better

A collection of pictures that will help you cope with daily life and make you feel better

No one can escape the traps of life. When I say traps, I mean those tough days when you’re feeling blue. Everyone has different ways of coping with daily challenges. Some people take a rest, and others just surf the internet to find something funny to light up their mood.

Viral Strange has collected 23 pictures that will certainly make your day better.

1. “Meet Jax. He’s the Official Stamp Licker at the post office in the village of Portree, Scotland.”

© ShpongleDMT/imgur

2. YEP. Same thing with all cats…

© arthik/pikabu


© DV123/pikabu

4. He was bored at the pub so we put squirrel videos on YouTube.

© adriana_lowe/twitter

5. No one can steal my car now.

© angryprogrammer/pikabu

6. Party animal! Literally…

© gr80nes/twitter

7. Uh-oh…

© unknown/imgur

8. “My neighbor had a new camera installed. Now I can sleep peacefully. No enemies shall pass.”

© asokoloff/pikabu

9. “At the local zoo, I saw a lemur achieve a zen state of mind.”

© iRorshah/pikabu

10. Which one is real?


11. “I thought this guy was watching me during the whole flight until I realized he put his sunglasses backward.”

© Stomanastas/pikabu

12. “I’ve been singing different songs for like 15 minutes and I thought I was good. Then I turned around and saw their reaction.”

© leprasorium/twitter

13. The T-shirt says it all 🙂

© Arecibo/pikabu

14. Heartions

© holykash/pikabu

15. “I was finally able to stop slowly enough at a light to catch my helpful co-pilot sleeping on the job.”

© NotJustClarkKent/reddit

16. FOOD!

© nuBo/pikabu

17. “When I was in Mexico, I saw a little sombrero and a little saddle and I knew I had to buy them for this reason.”

© Duck_Sparrow/twitter

18. “My dog’s daycare helped her make me a Mother’s Day present.”

© serena_jillian/twitter

19. No armed T-Rexes allowed!

© SoyMundoHipster/twitter

20. “I reprimanded him for walking on the table. Now he’s mocking me like this.”

© krasnayaopasnaya/pikabu

21. Can you detect the dog in this picture?

© JhenMorhan/pikabu

22. “My parents are watching my dog while I’m out of town. There are tornado warnings and my dad sent me this pic.”

© nicole_psych/reddit

23. Photoshop & Fun!

© goldlyon/imgur

Which one did you like most? What’s that one thing that can easily switch up your mood? Tell us more in the comments.

Written by Awat Dhahir

Founder and CEO at VIRAL Strange / Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live. Stay humble. Be kind. Work hard. The secret ingredient is always cheese.

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