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26 Times People Didn’t Give a Second Look At Their Selfies’ Background

A collection of hilarious pictures people took without looking at the pictures’ background

We are so committed to our virtual world that sometimes we forget the real one. And yes, that is shown even in the pictures people post online.

Viral Strange has collected 26 pictures that show hilarious situations because the people who posted them didn’t have a second look at the pictures’ background.

1. Oh, that mirror did her dirty


3. Come on, ma, take the picture!

4. Poor dog, or poor baby?

5. Evil

6. Uh-oh…

7. Take this!

8. Everywhere…


9. Why are you lying, girl?

10. Officer!!!

11. Damn. Even here?

12. Cool dad!

13. Oh, come on… Don’t take pics of me 🙂

14. What the heck are they doing?

15. Focus on point

16. Oh, doggie…

17. Creepy!

18. Lowkey scary TBH

19. Mom! Get out of here!

20. Poor brother

21. WTF?

22. Oh, no…

23. Dad? Dad!

24. Ewww…

25. Creepy pervert

26. Nasty pervert

Which one took you by surprise? Let us know in the comments!

Written by Dalip Celbeqiri

CEO & Founder of @diysimple Video Agency
Co-Founder @financial_ship Outsourced Accounting Firm
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