30 Pictures That Went Viral But Were Fake

Fake news is all over the internet. You know it because you probably have come across many of them. With all these editing apps and software, anyone can post something that might not be true. Still wondering how?

Viral Strange has collected 30 of the most viral photos that, in reality, were just edited and photoshopped. Surprised? Let’s have a look.

1. A cat with a mustache and eyebrows


We all love those cute pictures of animals, especially when they have odd features. This picture of a cat with a cute mustache and eyebrows became viral. However, in reality, the cat has a mustache, but not those eyebrows.

2. Guy making a wave of rice


The “fried rice meme” became so popular, but, in reality, the rice wave is just a sculpture sold at a fake food shop in Tokyo.

3. Behind The Scenes Photo Of MGM Intro

Hai-Kef zoo

4. Astronaut Smoking Marijuana In Space


Chris Hadfield is a well-known astronaut because of his videos up in space. His original picture shows a bag with Easter eggs. However, the edited and viral one shows a bag of marijuana. Getting high up in space, uh?

5. Magical Castle

The famous magical castle! However, the accurate picture features a rock in Thailand. The castle itself is in Germany, and it was edited on the rock to look like something unseen before.

6. College Name Sign

This picture became viral because of the error in the name sign. However, the actual image of the college name sign shows otherwise.

7. Dangerous Pilot Selfie

This picture became viral with the pilot taking a selfie up in the air. However, the actual photo was taken after he had landed.

8. A Kid Sleeping Near His Deceased Parents’ Graves In Syria


This photo turned out to be fake. The kid knew the photographer, and the graves weren’t his parents.

9. Frozen Venice

Venice is a beautiful city in Italy. However, the edited picture features the frozen Lake Baikal in Russia.

10. Perfect Lenticular Clouds

Lenticular clouds are so interesting to be watched. However, this editor photoshopped the actual image to look like something it is not.

11. Woman Squatting Like A Frog

This was one of the most viral pictures out there. However, the woman’s leg is edited, in such a way, that it looks like she is squatting.

12. Unique Black Lion

pavoldvorsky,Dennis Painting

Odd creatures are always viral. Of course, the unique black lion wouldn’t miss the opportunity to go viral. However, the truth is that his picture is photoshopped.

13. Moon Near A Skyscraper

AstronomyHD,Mo Aoun

This photo taken by Mo Aoun became viral because someone edited it to make the moon appear huge and closer to the skyscraper.

14. #10yearschallenge Against Deforestation

Adonis Arias

In 2020, the hashtag #10yearchallenge went viral all over the internet, with people showing their changes throughout the years. Some of them decided to use the hashtag against deforestation. However, the image that went viral was fake. Both separated images were part of the whole same picture.

15. Bear Chasing A Cycler

The original photo is thought to have been shot at Yellowstone National Park. It features a bear running in the middle of the road. However, the edits have made it appear like the bear is chasing a cycler.

16. A Photo Of Marilyn Monroe And Elizabeth Taylor

In reality, Elizabeth Taylor was photoshopped into a picture of Marilyn Monroe. There are many photoshopped pictures of Marilyn with other celebrities.

17. First Dab In The History

There was no first dab in the 20th century. This photo was taken in 2017 and is a behind-the-scenes from the movie Dunkirk.

18. Photo Of The Space Shuttle

This edited photo of a space shuttle fooled many people. However, here is the actual image of it.

19. Picture Of A Dwarf Giraffe

This cute, little giraffe suffering from dwarfism is fake. Even though giraffes can have dwarfism, this picture is not real.

20. Bear Chasing National Geographic Photographers

EunByuL,Juha Soininen

This viral picture shows a bear chasing a group of National Geographic photographers. However, the bear is edited and can be found in stock photos online.

21. Giant Skeleton

The giant skeletons can be found all over the internet. However, archaeologists and science have never accepted something like that to be real. Therefore, the pictures are fake.

22. Star-Shaped Island

It would be amazing to have an island in the shape of a star. However, it does not exist. It is edited to look like a star-shaped island.

23. Cow Laying On A Car

This cow chilling on a BMW went viral. However, the cow was actually on the grass, and it was edited on the BMW.

24. Photo Of India


The first picture shows India during the Hindu festival, which many people were amazed by. However, it is a composite of satellite images shaded in different colors.

25. Einstein Riding A Bicycle As A-Bomb Explodes


This photo is edited because Einstein died 7 years before the actual explosion of the bomb.

26. Paris Hilton’s Offensive T-Shirt

Paris Hilton is known for her beauty and wealth, alongside many other things. Her t-shirt calling people poor is fake. Instead, she calls people desperate. We’re still not offended here!

27. Turtle Mountain

This cute turtle mountain would be so amazing to exist, but it doesn’t. This mountain is just the simple “Pilot Mountain” in North Carolina.

28. Romney Family Misspelling Their Last Name


Fake news during elections in the USA is always present. However, the picture of the Romney family misspelling their last name is fake. Probably edited to ruin his campaign at the time.

29. A Pooping Cheerleader

30. A Photo Of A Tourist Taken Moments Before 9/11

The 9/11story still touches our hearts. However, the internet is filled with conspiracies alongside many edited pictures. So, the photo showing a man just before the tragedy is fake. He wasn’t even there when it happened.

Does any of these pictures ring a bell? Tell us in the comments if you saw any of these before and thought they were real.

Written by Dadadel

CEO of @dadadelcreative® | Social Media & Digital Marketing Agency
Software Engineering graduate • Copywriter • Digital Marketer

Dadadel loves to smile and have a fine bottle of red wine. She is very keen on sarcasm and cats.

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