7 Royal Life Hacks for Avoiding Awkward Moments

Discover insider royal life hacks to gracefully navigate any situation. Say goodbye to awkward moments! Read more.

Royal life hacks extend beyond the throne. Like celebrities, royals face constant scrutiny, necessitating meticulous attention to appearance. To maintain perfection, royal ladies employ subtle yet effective tricks.

1. Redesigning Old Clothes

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Kate Middleton fearlessly repeats outfits but keeps them fresh by tweaking details. For instance, she revamped a coat worn 2 years prior by changing the belt, giving it a new vibrant look.

2. Bronzer Instead of Tights

7 Royal Life Hacks
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Queen Letizia defies royal protocol by skipping neutral tights, opting to tan her legs for a polished appearance. This unconventional move defies the mandated neutral-colored tights at official events.

3. A Nude Manicure

7 Royal Life Hacks
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Kate Middleton embraces natural nail hues, adhering to protocol and practicality. Neutral shades not only align with royal norms but also offer longevity and disguise inevitable chips and dents.

4. Primer Instead of Makeup Foundation

7 Royal Life Hacks

Meghan Markle’s natural look showcases her reddish freckles. Opting for minimalism, she uses only primer and selectively applies makeup foundation during official events, embracing her authentic appearance.

5. Shoes of Different Sizes

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Kate Middleton, accustomed to wearing heels, selects varying shoe sizes based on the model and brand. Choosing summer shoes half a size or one size bigger prevents blisters and accommodates potential foot swelling.

6. Multifunctional Shawls

7 Royal Life Hacks
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Royal protocol dictates outerwear should not be removed in public. To adapt, Elizabeth II and Kate Middleton wear dress coats. Yet, shawls or capes matching their outfits provide warmth without violating protocol.

7. Additional Outsole

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Queen Letizia enhances stability and prevents slipping by adding outsoles to her shoes. This simple construction improves many designer pairs, ensuring practicality without compromising style.


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In the ’80s, Princess Diana maintained the same haircut but discreetly altered its length weekly to avoid media attention. Her stylist’s clever suggestion allowed for a gradual change without unnecessary scrutiny.

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