8 Hand Positions To Strengthen Your Body And Mind

Eight hand positions that help in having power over your body and mind

The answer is always within us. Have you ever thought about what you can do with your hands? Yes, working, too. What if we said you can take power over your body and mind with reflexology? Reflexology is the practice of applying pressure techniques to the feet and hands.

Viral Strange has prepared 8 illustrations of hand positions you can try at home. You will have a positive impact on your health.

1. Palms pressed to each other

This position helps you concentrate. It can improve your blood circulation.

2. The little finger

Massage your little finger for 5 minutes. This exercise is responsible for self-esteem, stress, and nervousness.

3. The palm

Research shows that massaging your palms helps prevent nausea, stress, diarrhea, and constipation.

4. The middle finger

This exercise decreases blood pressure and calms you down when you feel angry or tired.

5. The ring finger

Clutch your ring finger for 5 minutes. It will take away your negative emotions and sadness.

6. The thumb

Clutch your thumb for 5 minutes. This exercise is responsible for anxiety and headaches.

7. Surya Mudra

This pose helps with digestion and metabolism. It can be used for loss of appetite.

8. The forefinger


Clutch your forefinger with your other hand for 5 minutes. It will help with feelings of disappointment, fear, and embarrassment.

Do you practice reflexology? Tell us more about your experience in the comments!

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