Grandmothers That Looked Like Divas In Their Youth

Grandmothers are the most beloved people in someone’s life. This collection shows grannies that were the most beautiful ones in their youth.

Grandmothers are the most beloved people in someone’s life. Their love is unconditional, and no matter what, they are always the most beautiful women to us.

Some of them had an astonishing beauty in their youth. These photographs show the most exquisite grandmothers that looked like they were part of Hollywood.

Viral Stange has collected 18 pictures of people sharing their grannies’ pics in their youth that show that beauty is eternal.

1. “My grandma decided to travel the world later in life and talked her best friends into going with her.”

© BlueEyedDinosaur / Reddit

2. “My mother, colorized, 18 years old, 1959”

© Sleilani / Reddit

3. “My great-grandmother Nancy, probably taken in the 1930s”

© TUMBLEW**D26 / Reddit

4. “My beautiful grandmother, Iris, in the late 1950s.”

© purrsandhisses1990 / Reddit

5. “My mom and her 3 stylish sisters (Philly, early 1960s)”

© Heidiwearsglasses / Reddit

6. “My grandmother in the 1930s”

© lcornell6 / Reddit

7. “This beautiful bride is my grandmother on her wedding day, the 1940s”

© Hummus-Among-Us / Reddit

8. “My mother the way she was in the 1950s vs today”

© thrifterbynature / Reddit

9. “My great-grandmother in the 1940s”

© Sleightofhand666 / Reddit

10. “My grandmother in 1946 — she’s celebrating her ninety-sixth birthday today!”

© loric21 / Reddit

11. “My grandma in the ’50s. She is now entering the end stages of Alzheimer’s, so I came across this as we are preparing for what’s next.”

© Heisenberg3556 / Reddit

12. “Here’s my grandma having fun and posing for photos for with girlfriends, circa 1955.”

© InquiringMind886 / Reddit

13. “My grandma, circa 1980”

© paperoni / Reddit

14. “My grandmother looked like an Instagram model before Instagram even existed in the late ’70s or early ’80s.”

© CumulativeHazard / Reddit

15. “1955 — Grandma was a hip lady. I heard my grandparents threw some wild parties in their twenties and thirties.”

© shiftdown / Reddit

16. “My grandma getting some sun in the 1950s!”

© anxietybugs / Reddit

17. “My grandmother was a ballerina in the late ’40s”

© mthealpaca / Reddit

18. “My beautiful grandmother, July 20, 1939”

© lyssiemiller / Reddit

Which one of these beauties posed the best in her pics? Have you ever asked your grandmother about her youth? Tell us any beautiful story in the comments below.

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