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This 64-Year-Old Woman Teaches Us How To Stay Young

The story of Lesley Maxwell, a 64-year-old lady that lives a balanced lifestyle

Our bodies age with time, but there are things we can do to stay young and healthy as much as we can. According to a study, the effects of exercise on our physical and mental health can slow down the aging process.

Viral Strange will write about Lesley Maxwell, 64, a woman who is a living example of a healthy lifestyle. Lesley will take us through her fitness and lifestyle journey to extend our youth.

How her fitness journey started

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Lesley Maxwell is a 64-year-old Australian. She is a grandmother, and her daily life includes a lot of fitness and exercise. After the divorce from her ex-husband, Lesley began her fitness journey.

At 49, Lesley won her first competition, followed by a follower growth on Instagram, where she keeps promoting her workout routines. Lesley shares images of her training sessions with her granddaughter Tia, who is 20 years old.

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People often mistake Lesley’s age. She said: “I’m mistaken for my own granddaughter’s sister,” Tia, her granddaughter also says: “Because she looks amazing for her age, she does get a bit of attention.”

Lesley’s daughter, Vanessa, also loves fitness. They often work out together at the gym. Vanessa said: “If I’m with my mum they think that we’re sisters and if I’m with Tia, they think we’re sisters.”

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Getting all the attention from men

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Since she started sharing on her social media, she got thousands of followers and a lot of men among them. “I take everything as a compliment. It’s really great that they even follow me,” says Lesley.

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As a single woman, she is looking for a special someone that would share her hobbies. “If a man is brave enough to walk straight up to me and stare me in the eyes and ask me out, he’s a pretty brave man. He doesn’t have to be a gym person, but I do admire a healthy body. Oh, and he must be very energetic!” said Lesley.

Self-esteem boost

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Lesley claims that age is just a number. She strongly believes that the biological age allows us to have a healthy, younger body.

Lesley’s self-esteem and self-perception have taken a good boost. She said: “I definitely think women come into their own as we become older. We can actually reverse the aging process through clean eating plus effective exercise.”

Inspiring other women to love their bodies

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She adds: “Build the muscle and burn the fat and having a healthy lean body is up to us. Confidence is a win for me.” Maxwell works out five times a week. She has around 30 fitness titles as well.

Lesley sells training programs and promotes “her six steps to a youthful body.” She wants to inspire other older women to be motivated to improve their health.

Would you give in to a natural aging process, or would you train and exercise to keep your body young?

Written by Viral Strange

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