Israeli forces unleash dog to maul a Palestinian child

According to the non-governmental organization Defense for Children International – Palestine, Israeli forces reportedly deployed a military dog during an arrest raid in the Balata refugee camp in the occupied West Bank, resulting in a brutal attack on a 4-year-old Palestinian boy, Ibrahim Hashash, who was in his mother’s arms at the time.

The incident occurred on February 4 when the dog was released into the family’s apartment, causing chaos and terror. The dog viciously attacked Ibrahim, knocking him down, tearing off his clothes, and inflicting severe bites on the lower half of his body, causing profuse bleeding. Despite his mother’s efforts to intervene, she was unable to stop the attack as Ibrahim screamed in agony.

The horrifying ordeal lasted for approximately three minutes before Israeli forces finally entered the apartment and removed the dog from Ibrahim. As a result of the attack, Ibrahim sustained both internal and external injuries, necessitating ongoing medical treatment and potential plastic surgery.

This incident sheds light on the disturbing pattern of Israeli forces utilizing military dogs to intimidate and harm Palestinian civilians, particularly during raids in the occupied territories.

According to reports, there were four documented attacks on children by these dogs in 2023 alone, highlighting the ongoing brutality faced by Palestinian communities under occupation.

Written by Telha

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