Lucy, the Babysitter Dog That Went Viral

Lucy is a dog who became a babysitter for newborn twin girls. This is a heartwarming story that will put a smile on your face.

Lucy is a dog who became a babysitter for newborn twin girls, and it went viral. Families with pets sometimes find it challenging when they have a baby because their dogs or cats might get jealous of the child. Josh and Kelly Rheaume’s dog was the opposite!

Lucy becoming part of the family was a miracle.

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Josh and Kelly decided to take Lucy when she was a 6-month-old puppy. Josh found himself unemployed and needed it, but the dog needed a home more.

Lucy is a Labrador and husky mix. It was the only puppy that survived and was found by a passerby. They posted it on social media, and Kelly’s mom took it for her grandkids as a gift. “I knew right then she needed me, and I needed her,” said Josh.

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Josh taught Lucy many tricks, such as opening the fridge and bringing him a drink. Lucy became so important to them that when they got married it was the “dog of honour” at the ceremony.

The dog was not much thrilled by the newborns at first.

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The couple was worried about Lucy’s reaction after they found out they were expecting twins. She was not that happy, though. She experienced some jealousy, and the couple was hurt to see it.

Josh decided to involve Lucy in babysitting so she could adapt to the kids. They taught her to bring new diapers, bottles of milk, etc.

Lucy became a loving babysitter.

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She helps a lot around the house. She collects the toys, looks after the girls, and even calls the couple when the kids start crying.

Josh and Kelly know that Lucy will wake them up if the babies need anything. She can even tell the twins apart.

She became a social media star.

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Josh posted a TikTok starring Lucy. She was helping him look after the girls, and the video went viral.

Even the neighbours love the dog. She gathers many admirers while she waits in the car for the couple to finish their errands.

Josh advises all god owners regarding their pets. He says you should be patient and reward your pet when they do something right. “A bond is really important, being close to your dog first and foremost. They want to do well for us,” says Josh.

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