Heart-Lighting Pics That Will Make Your Day Better

Cute animals or sweet kid pics are always heart-lighting! Their sweet and tiny faces are all we need to have a better day.

Heart-lighting pictures of cute animals or sweet kids are all we need to have a better day. They instantly put a smile on our faces, and suddenly, everything seems better.

Viral Strange has collected 17 heart-lighting pics that will give you a cheer on your face.

1. Nadine, nomming on my arm.

© Modern-Moo / Reddit

2. I painted this sweet rescue dog, Millie, as a Disney Character.

© DisneyPetPainter_ / Reddit

3. The evolution of my guinea pig: From small boy to floof boy.

© cass_carter / Reddit

4. Dog standing on the 102nd floor of the Empire State Building

© idea*granted / Reddit

5. I let my friend’s dog sit on the sofa at mine when he’s not allowed at home, and it made him actually smile.

© Nancy_True / Reddit

6. She felt safe in my shirt at the vet’s office.

© amira**** / Reddit

7. I saw this decoration while walking around town

© transformedxian / Reddit

8. Asked him to pick some sandwich meat out. I was not expecting him

to pick up a salami the size of him.

© somegirlfromsask / Reddit

9. Smiling Pepper

© coloch_w*rth* / Reddit

10. Twins.

© iMattist / Reddit

11. He caught me spying on him

© p****nicekids / Reddit

12. Murphy Does Not Mind Being A Pillow

© CaffeineFueledLife / Reddit

13. Halloween Costumes for elementary school.

© mscarce / Reddit

14. I think this will melt your heart…

© Unknown author / Imgur

15. My cousin (4) measuring his little brother (1mo)

© UnpopularChemLover / Reddit

16. We met on Reddit! These are our engagement photos.

© Areissia / Reddit

17. Brother and sister were rescued together at 3 months

© elfrink* / Reddit

Which one did you like the most? Do you have any pets? What is their name? Tell us more in the comments.

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