Kate Middleton Still Absent in the Public Post-Surgery

Following her surgery, Kate Middleton remains out of the public eye. Stay updated on her recovery and activities.

Kate Middleton underwent surgery with Buckingham Palace handling the announcement differently from King Charles. While they informed the public before his operation, they waited until after her surgery. Despite weeks passing, she has yet to make public appearances.

Why was her surgery kept secret?

Kate Middleton

According to palace sources, openness was deemed sensible to prevent speculation. They stated: “It was sensible to be more open about it, as otherwise, people might have thought the worst.”

Announcing King Charles’ procedure beforehand aimed to quell rumors and foster support. However, news of her surgery was withheld to respect her privacy during the procedure.

Where is Kate Middleton now?

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Following her abdominal surgery, insiders report Kate’s good progress. After a hospital stay of 10 to 14 days, she’s now recuperating at home for three months, with assurances it wasn’t cancer.

Despite weeks passing since her operation, Kate hasn’t appeared publicly. Reports suggest Kate Middleton relocated from Adelaide Cottage to Sandringham in Norfolk.

Choosing Sandringham for the half-term break indicates positive strides in her recovery, with family time praised as a testament to her steady progress.

Norfolk’s open spaces offer respite from Windsor’s noise, with friends like the Marquess and Marchioness of Cholmondeley providing additional support.

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