Squatting Over The Toilet Might Risk Your Health

Squatting over the toilet when you pee might not be as healthy as you think. It can be problematic over time, and here is why…

Squatting over the toilet when you pee might not be as healthy as you think. It can be problematic over time. We know you must be cautious, especially when peeing in public restrooms, but the coin has two sides.

Viral Strange has listed 4 things that can happen to your body when squatting over the toilet.

1. A higher risk for urinary tract infections.

Squatting Over The Toilet

Your pelvic floor muscles are about 40% tensed, and the bladder is not fully relaxed if you keep squatting over the toilet. After you stand up, you will probably have urine left inside, which can create bacteria that might lead to a urinary tract infection.

2. The sensation of always needing to pee.


If you sneeze, jump, laugh, or cough, the urine left inside your bladder might accidentally leak. It can also give you an uncomfortable sensation of always needing to pee.

3. The bladder can become weaker over time.

Squatting Over The Toilet

If you keep squatting over the toilet very often, you are training your pelvic muscles not to relax. This will make your bladder weaker over time.

4. Do a full squat = Sit lower on the toilet.


The full squat goes even lower than the typical half squat you do to prevent touching the toilet. This position might be better for your health, rather than squatting over the toilet halfway. It will relax the pelvic and bladder muscles more.

Do you do this when you pee in public restrooms? What other precautions would you take? Tell us in the comments.


Written by Zhwan Azad

i'm a pharmacist and i love writing about Relationship advisory!

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    • Where can you get the stand to pee device that you were talking about it sure would be nice not to have to squat or clean a toilet before you use it whenever you’re out and I am older now and I also take a water pill which is horrifying because it makes me have to urinate like every half hour no lie so it would be great if you could just say where I can get one of the standing up to urinate device thank you so much

      • It’s like a funnel cup with a hole in it. I dont know how it works, but you either have to throw it out when you done or wash and wipe it dry every time you use. Delightful mess when you’re on your period too in one those things.

  1. I think it’s foolish to squat over the toilet seat or put paper over it like a lot of germ-a-phoebes do. The floor and the sink drain are the dirtiest places in the rest room. The single most likely way for one to contract any infection from surfaces is by hands not washed properly. Unless you have an open sore on your butt or thighs, or you sit right after some nasty person got the seat full of their infectious fluids, you’re not likely to get sick from it. If there’s any doubt about Flu or cold viruses that can linger linger than others, there’s always sanitizer that can be wiped on before using. Gees! People are funny.

  2. Best idea is if there were shower hose pipes to wash your seat first then wipe with tissue, then u do poo and piss and then wash your private parts with the shower tap and then wipe yourself with tissue and then wash yourself again and then your done.

  3. Your intact skin is a perfect “glove” that protects you from any bacteria. Get over it and sit on the seat (if it’s damp, dry it with TP). Oh, and this advice came from a PhD microbiologist I used to work with.