Super Hot Grandma Becomes a Bikini Bodybuilder Judge

Anca Nicoleta Ward is a bikini bodybuilder holding judging positions at fitness contests

“No matter how old you are, always keep your soul young!”

Age is really just a number, and we will present you the living proof of it. Anca Nicoleta Ward is a beautiful grandma. She is a bikini bodybuilder, who now also holds judging positions in her field.

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Granny claims she β€˜looks better than she did in her 20s!’

Being part of many bodybuilding competitions, the 39-year-old claims of looking better than she was in her 20s. She was a judge at the Pure Elite fitness model contest in Manchester.

Because of her experience in the bodybuilding field, she judged the contestants at the event judges at Middleton Arena.

21 years ago, Anca relocated from Romania and settled in England, where she started enrolling in the fitness world.

β€œI’ve always been into sport. I’ve done karate since the age of seven; then I did dance back home. When I came to England, I carried on running and even did a few marathons. Then I went to the gym and saw these huge people. I thought, β€˜I don’t look like them; why don’t I?’”

β€œI spoke to a trainer, and he said weight training is the way to go, but I knew nothing about nutrition. I didn’t know what not to eat or how to rest my body. Then I got into weight training; I used to watch bodybuilders in America and thought I can do that.’”

She’s got several titles over the years, from the β€˜Bikini Wellness’ category at world championships. She claims not to be done with the fitness industry, wanting to be a champion. Anca has two stepchildren, a son, and a grandson.

β€œThinking about it, I must be the first professional bikini wellness champion to be a grandma,” said Anca.

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She added: β€œEverybody always asks how long I want to do it for. I’m not sure; I’m going to do it for as long as I enjoy.”

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Super hot grandma is married to Ted, 57. She gives her full potential to her fitness career.

She spends almost 4 hours every day preparing meals, in order to keep up with her body fitness.

Anca’s diet includes many carbs to support her workout and lots of protein to build muscles.

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This bodybuilder grandma keeps practicing for hours to perfect her poses. β€œMy first competition was after I had my son. After having Teddy and starting weight training, I was in the best shape I’ve ever been in. I looked better in my thirties than I ever looked in my twenties.” said Anca.

β€œIt’s all about training hard and turning it into a lifestyle. I don’t drink; I don’t smoke, a lot goes into it,” she concluded.

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