20 Funny Photoshop Edits That Are a Total Failure

Hilarious photoshopped pictures

You can achieve great things by using Photoshop. It is indeed software that helps creatives step up their game.

However, the several apps on mobile or computer that offer photoshop and editing options have become so popular that people rarely post an unedited picture now.

Viral Strange has collected 20 funny photoshop fails that will make you laugh!

1. No skin texture…

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2. Failed successfully

© Kawaii169 / Imgur

3. I wish I was that ripped

© Arnoldgerman / Reddit

4. Damn… her neck.

© GK Films

5. Does she have two right hands?

© Boies / Schiller Film Group

6. Yeah… Those abs.

7. That’s a big mistake

© AcidCow

8. Nice photoshop work

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9. Now, that’s a failure.

© Hollywood182 / Reddit

10. This pug either has no butthole, or someone photoshopped it out

© elusivellama / Reddit

11. Something seems a little off…

© baryonyx257 / Reddit

12. Photoshop. Not even once.

© NadSauce / Imgur

13. Fail

© flashgg / Imgur

14. Come on, queen, you’re too beautiful to photoshop

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15. Why?

© AcidCow

16. Oh…

© marlonbrando / Pikabu

17. Oh, wow…

© AcidCow

18. Get this free shadowless check!

© AintViral / Reddit

19. Da booty

© GarthAIgar / Imgur

Which one is the worst edited picture? Tell us in the comments.

Written by Dalip Celbeqiri

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