7 People That Went Missing And Never Have Been Found

Different creepy stories from people that went missing to not be found anymore

Do you remember when we were just kids and our parents always told us to not stay up late playing outside or talk to strangers? And we thought what’s the problem with all that because our childhood innocence couldn’t let us see the true colors of our living world. Guess what, our parents were right because they have heart-spooky stories of how many people and children went missing to not be returned anymore. These kinds of stories are true and very mysterious.

We at Viral Strange are about to show you some of the most mysterious stories of missing people that never returned even after many years.

1. Sneha Anne Philip


Sneha Anne Philip was a doctor that was declared as one of the  2,571 of the 9/11 attract at World Trading Centre towers, it was believed that she died during helping others during the terror attack, but her body and remains were never found and nobody ever saw her during that day.

She was supposed to be staying in her friend’s house like she always did but never returned the next day on 9/11, her husband tried to find out what was happening to her and found where she was the last time being seen, cameras and credit cards proved that she was seen in a department store and since her training facility was near to the World Trade Centre her family thought it was one of the victims of the attacks.

But later investigations discovered a very dark side of the story because it seemed that she was living a double life. After all, she had problems with her marriage, her job was not going well and she was having many affairs with other women from lesbian bars she had been frequented recently. Also was found she was using alcohol and drugs during that time

It was believed that she was killed by one of the other women she had been with or used the terror attack as an escape from her old life.

What happened to her is still a mystery and nobody knows what truly about her whereabouts.

2. John David Gosch


John was a young boy just 12 years old news paperboy, one morning on September 15th, 1982 he went missing without a trace, and some witnesses told the police that have seen that boy talking to an underlying man in a Ford with Nebraska plates, Police was a bit lazy because it was a known policy to not classify a case as a missing person until 72 hours have been passed.

John’s mother was furious about this slow reaction of the authorities and since then her boy remains missing for nearly 38 years without a single trace of him.

After 15 years of his missing, she told authorities that one night she was visited by her son and a man who seemed to control him. But her mental state and lack of real evidence made authorities not chase this story.

3. The Sodder Children


One night in 1945 the Sodder family experienced a terrifying moment when their house caught fire. It was Christmas Eve and family during that time was living with 9 children in that house. During that night Jeannie, the mother of the kids woke up several times because she heard noises upstairs but also because someone unknown rang the telephone until she finally smelled the burning house.

After they realized that was a fire going on in their house both parents, Jeannie and George rushed out of the house with 4 of the 9 children. George tried to reach the other 5 children that were caught on fire upstairs from a back window but the ladder that was always back there was not that night. And surprisingly both of the family vehicles were not working that night.

When all was finished and the house was burned to the ground, the couple thought they lost the 5 children in that fire, but there was not a single trace of their remains.

Firemans didn’t find anybody and they told the couple that the fire might have been very hot and cremated their children’s bodies. But the Sodders had their hopes high that their kids have escaped alife but there was no information and even today this remains a mystery.

4. Lars Mittank


Lars Mittank was a tourist in a group of friends that went to Bulgaria for vacation in 2014, They stayed in a resort named Golden Sands. During that time he was involved in a bar fight with other 4 guys over a football disagreement. After that fight, he was left with a ruptured eardrum and his doctor suggested aborting his flight back home. He heard his doctor’s advice and stayed back while his friends board the flight back home.

After his friends left he got very scared and paranoid, also he called his mom to cancel his credit cards because four men wanted to kill him. He was seen for the last time at the Varna airport where he was very frightened and left his luggage in hurry to run out of the building and was never seen again.

5. Brian Shaffer


Brian Shaffer was a medical student that went out with his friends because of the spring break. He met his friend William Florence at Ugly Tuna Saloon, a bar near his campus at 9 p.m. on 31.March 2006.

Both of them went in several bars until Williams’s friend Meredith Reed offered to drop them back at Ugly Tuna. They entered the bar at 1:15 a.m. and shortly after Brian went outside where he was seen speaking with two women. After he said goodbye to them he went back to the pub, and that is the last time someone saw him.

His friends thought he went back to his room without telling them but he wasn’t there. Police couldn’t explain it because there was only one entrance in that pub and he went straight in and never was seen again. The investigators cant determine what happened that day and he is still missing.

6. Lenny Dirickson

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Lenny Dirickson was having breakfast with his son on 14 March 1998 when an unknown man stopped with a truck and spoke to them, after talking for some time with this stranger Lenny told his son that he was about to show this man his horses for sale.

He also told his son that both of them would travel to Elk City, Oklahoma, and Mobeetie, Texas to see the horses. That was the last time his son saw him because he went missing without a trace.

Police discovered that Leeny didn’t make any announcement that he had horses for sale and that’s mean that the other man was someone familiar who knew him. but police couldn’t determine if he was the cause of Lenny’s disappearance.

He was never seen again except in two reported cases when other people may have seen him but when police arrived for further investigation there was a trace of him. Also, foul play may be involved in this case but there is no evidence to support that.

7. Brandon Swanson


Brandon was a 19 years old that was studying at Minessota West Comunity and Technical College and he was just finished his semester. After the semester ending celebration on 14 May. 2008 he was involved in a car minor incident and his car got ditched. He was fine and wasn’t hurt and after the accident, he called his parents to come and pick him up but was unsure about the exact location. He told his parents that he was somewhere near Lynd. But when they reached Lynd they couldn’t find him anywhere.

They spoke with him on the phone for about 45 minutes to make sure where his exact location was but without results, he also told them he was flashing his car lights to signal them but they couldn’t see him anywhere.

They heard him from the last time when he shouted on phone ”Oh Shit!” and ended his phone call and he was never seen again after that.

The police found his car 40km from the location he told he was but without a single sign of where he might have gone, Police believed he was drowned in a nearby river but his body was never found.


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