11 Strange Things That are Attractive but Weird at the same time

Things that people consider sexy and weird in various countries

The perception of beauty is something subjective. Everyone has a different point of view, and it depends on how you see things, where do you live, the mentality, and the lifestyle. Many factors can play into personal attractiveness, the way you act, the way you speak, the way you dress up, and also your face. What many of us consider sexy and beautiful, for others, might turn out as defects.
Anyway, it is very important to accept one another for what we are, and do not judge by appearance.

We are going to share with you some of the characteristics that are very attractive in different parts of the world

1. Deformed teeth

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In Japan, crooked teeth, also called “yaeba”, are the peak of attractiveness. Everyone who has this characteristic is considered very sexy, in both men and women.

2. Scars in the face

© Kathy Gerber (kathleen.gerber), © EAST NEWS, © Bernard Foubert/Photononstop

In Western Africa, New Guinea, the people decorate their bodies with different shapes of scars. This is a traditional thing that goes on forever, and the people make a real ceremony to celebrate this moment. It is considered a real beauty in Africa.

3. Heart-shaped face


Plastic surgery is very common and normal in South Korea. Most people go under operations to get a heart-shaped face, which is considered a real beauty shape in Korea. This is a very complex and painful operation, and the person who goes through this can not eat solid food for months.

4. Large size body

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In Mauritania, oversize and obesity are considered attractive points. Young girls should eat more than 16,000 calories a day. They have to get excess weight to be attractive. But some of them find out to have health issues.

5. Rhinoplasty trend

© Transterra Media / Polaris/East News, © SIPA/EAST NEWS

We are in Iran here, where men and women go through rhinoplasty. In Iran, you have to have a beautiful shape of the nose to be attractive, for this reason, people could do anything to have this surgery. Some of them can also put a fake surgery bandage gauze on their face, just to make people think they also had one.

6. White, pallid skin

© Xuan Zheng/freestockphotos, © Xuan Zheng, © EAST NEWS

In Thailand, China, the highest point of beauty is pallid white skin. People can use creams to make their face whiter, they also do not go to the beach without a mask on their face. For them, sunbathing is imperceptible.

7. Large hat size

© East News, © Rogier van der Weyden

The Fula people, in Africa, are very famous for their traditional high forehead. Women in this tribe should take off some hair from the head to make a bigger forehead.

8. The famous long neck

© SergeBertasiusPhotography/depositphotos

Kayan people who live in eastern Burma also called the “country of giraffe women”, are known in the whole world for their traditions. In this country, women wear large rings around their necks to stretch them. The longer the neck, the more beautiful they look.

9. Lip-plates tradition

© Rod Waddington, © MauritsV

In the Mursi tribe of Ethiopia, people might wear different sizes of discs to stretch their lips, to have a high social reputation.

10. Himba and Suri tribe

© Wikimedia Commons, © JOHANES TINGA

Suri tribe is very similar to the Mursi tribe, which lives in the southwestern of Ethiopia.
Himba tribe lives in Kaokoland, northwestern Namibia. They use a mix of pastes to color their bodies and hair to protect them from the sun. This paste gives women’s skin and hair a red glow, which symbolizes strength and life.

11. Unibrow or Jacco brow

© Math920

In the world, girls go through different treatments to have this separate and regular shape of eyebrows. But in Tajikistan, the monobrow is a sign of beauty female. People think that this is also a sign of life’s fortune.

Written by Sara Cyrbja

Micro-Biology scientist 🧬 , part-time copywriter and a fun fact is that I adore traveling as much as i can ✈️

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