Secret Things Men Love Same as Women

Discover the top 12 secret things that men love the same as women. Find out what similarities exist between them.

Secret things have been whispered for centuries about the fundamental differences between men and women. Social media, as well as adults, have perpetuated this idea, creating an ongoing battle between the sexes.

However, the reality is that we are more alike than we care to admit. The similarities between men and women are vast, covering various interests and beliefs.

Viral Strange has prepared a list of 12 secret things men love about women.

1. Cooking

Secret Things
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Despite the dominance of male chefs in the food industry, there is a prevalent belief that men are unable to cook or do not regularly cook in their daily lives. This notion may be surprising to many, but in reality, numerous men enjoy cooking as a hobby and are highly passionate about preparing meals for themselves, especially when they live independently.

2. Cleaning

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It is a common misconception that men are incapable of cleaning. However, this is far from the truth. One of the secret things is that many men take pride in maintaining the cleanliness of their homes and work environment. Therefore, we can confidently refute this myth and acknowledge that men are equally skilled at cleaning as anyone else.

3. Cuddling

Secret Things
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Contrary to popular belief, men enjoy cuddling just as much as women do. While many assume that men are solely focused on taking physical intimacy to the next level, the reality is that they take pleasure in snuggling, hugging, kissing, holding hands, nibbling on their partner’s ear, and even spooning. The act of cuddling is a beautiful way to connect with a significant other, and it’s not exclusive to women.

4. Romantic Dinners

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A well-curated and thoughtfully crafted meal, served in a visually captivating setting, offers the perfect foundation for a romantic and unforgettable evening, where both partners can indulge in each other’s company, savouring every moment, and creating memories that last a lifetime. Men, like women, appreciate and revel in such a magical setting, where the beauty of the surroundings and the quality of the food harmoniously come together to create an experience of pure bliss.

5. Dressing up

Secret Things
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Most men are fixated on looking sharp. Donning a suit and receiving compliments for it is a source of immense pleasure. Men have whole wardrobes exclusively for their preferred attire, footwear, and other accessories. So, contrary to popular belief, men are too inclined to dress up and look their best.

6. Kids

Secret Things
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Are we prepared to dispel the falsehood that men are incapable of handling children? Absolutely. Men not only enjoy the presence of children but are also exceptionally skilled at creating an enjoyable atmosphere for them. Undoubtedly, children love spending time with their uncles as they are playful, relaxed, and extremely watchful over them.

7. Desserts

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It’s a well-known fact that girls have a sweet tooth. However, women aren’t the only ones who adore sweet treats. Men are also powerless against the allure of desserts – from ice cream and chocolate to maple syrup, cakes, and marshmallows. No matter what the sugary delight may be, men are always game for indulging in it.

8. Grooming

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Salons are no longer just for women, as men also indulge in self-care. While they may not visit as often as women, they make frequent trips to the parlour to treat themselves. Men don’t just go for haircuts and shaves; they also avail of other services like manicures, pedicures, facials, waxing, and more.

9. Emotional movies

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Have you noticed how frequently your male acquaintances, including your boyfriend and brother, watch sentimental movies? It seems they are just as fond of these movies as you are. Contrary to popular belief, men thoroughly relish the same emotional and cliché movies that women do. Even movies like The Note have gained immense popularity among females and males alike.

10. Luxurious Toiletries

Secret Things
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Luxury personal care products are not just popular among women, but men as well. Bath bombs, shower gels, and shaving creams are just a few examples of items that men enjoy indulging in. After a tough day at work, many men prefer to unwind with a long bath while sipping on a glass of wine and listening to music. Men are particularly diligent about their hygiene and often make an extra effort to choose the right products, which typically yields positive results.

11. Attention

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Men’s desire for attention is often underestimated, but it is a fact. They are naturally needy and will go to great lengths to attract a woman’s attention. Despite their macho facade, men secretly crave affection and enjoy being pampered. Although they may not express it verbally, their actions always reveal their love for attention.

12. Staying Home

Secret Things
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Contrary to popular belief, men enjoy staying in on weekends just as much as going out. While it is often assumed that men prefer hitting the club with their friends at every opportunity, many relish the chance to lounge around at home. Movie marathons and lazy nights are among their favourite ways to unwind.

What are your thoughts on the common misconceptions about men’s social lives and their actual preferences? What would you add to the “secret things” list? Let us know in the comments.

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Written by Dwarozh

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